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  • Richard - Very pleased with game

    My son love this game very easy to play. Amazon was great very please with there service, would comeback again, and again till given reason otherwise. I would recommend this game if teen is a WWE fan

  • healthyfatboy - Great for Doing Taxes

    We have used H&R Block software for 7 years now and find it to be very easy to use. My wife has her own small business teaching music lessons and doing gigs so we decided to go the software route to make things easier and the software has always worked well for us. It asks us questions and we just answer it and it goes on and computes everything just fine. It also imports all of our data from the previous year and I double check numbers with last year's information just to make sure of things and we haven't had a problem yet.

  • M. Behar - the speed is pretty low, and if you push down at all

    I have used this on many areas of my feet. It does seem to work on areas with very minor calluses, but on anything more than a very minor callus, even repetitive application of this device for over 10 minutes does not have much effect. On some of my thicker calluses, I applied this device several days in a row for 20 minutes per day, also applying Amope's foot moisturizer afterwards, and there was some reduction. However, in addition to the ineffectiveness, there are also some problems with the device. The roller gets clogged with dead skin after using for only a couple of minutes, requiring constant cleaning of the roller (which I accomplish by applying the device against a carpet or piece of cloth). Also, after a day or two of use, the battery seems to get discharged enough to reduce the speed of the roller, which further reduced the effectiveness. In general, the speed is pretty low, and if you push down at all, the speed reduces further. It is quite easy to push enough to stop the rotation altogether.

  • Robert F. - Norton has been good to me

    So far no problems with Norton on a laptop. I have used Norton off an on in the past and seems to be the best out of three I use on different PC's. Thank you for fast postal ship, quite a suprise in mail box. RMF

  • Heather T - Not sure this is a real Yeti tumbler set. ...

    Not sure this is a real Yeti tumbler set. Tumblers themselves have the yeti embossed on the cups, but the lids did not. For this cost, they should be real.