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    My 2 month old struggled so much with formula due to a protein sensitivity. I had her on Similac Advance and the crying began. I took her to the Dr. then they put her on Enfamil Newborn. again the screaming and pain started. Then she was put on Gentlease! SAME THING! It was horrible to see my newborn this way! I knew it wasnt normal! Her pediatrician had told me about Alimentum so I tried it! That same day she slept for hours and hours and she has not been fussy since! Listen to your instincts as a parent and if the pediatrician isnt doing anything, start researching! There is no reason for your baby to suffer! It is expensive but so worth it! I would pay it again anytime!!!

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    Without a doubt, the best toner I've ever used. At 35, I still get cystic acne. This is the only toner that keeps it in check, and doesn't strip my face dry. Natural, cruelty-free and made in the USA!