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  • Műszempilla Ápolási tanácsok | Műszempilla felhelyezése 3D 4D - Műszempilla általános ápolási tanácsok. 3D Xtreme Lashes 4D műszempillák. Műszempilla stylist Jós Mária Márta. Jelentkezzen be !

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    City: 19.2 Pest megye, Hungary

  • Tamar Weinberg - Great watch!

    This is such a fantastic item. Kids love it-even my baby (14 months old) walks around with it and is learning how to use her big sister's toy. Love that you have multiple watch faces, recordings, games (easy for my 3 year old to master), and digital media. It's a great item that we scored for a great price and I can expect my kids to have many years of fun with this.

  • Odawgg - Awesome game! Great learning tool

    Well done! I can only review for a bass guitar as that is what I play, but I have had a lot of fun with this game. As a background, I have graduate degrees in piano and play bass on the side, self taught through the Hal Leonard method and other tutorials. This is an excellent supplement to those materials. It doesn't cover some essential basics that other methods teach, so I'd only recommend this as a supplement and not a full teaching method. The transcriptions are spot on (accuracy of the notes written vs what is actually played on the recording) and are much more accurate than the rock band transcriptions when they attempted to use a real guitar instead of the fake five button ones.

  • The Garbone - If bleeding persists visit a physician...

    Found this in the stall at the local public restroom. Half the pages were already missing but I found what was left more than enough to accomplish what I needed to get done.