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  • Rhonda P. Holt - therapy review

    great info. oil pulling really works. i could feel the difference the first time and my husband could tell when he kissed me also

  • Robbster - 2TB at last for my ThinkPad Yoga S1! Working GREAT, fast, especially in Rapid Mode, Runs Cool, Saves Power - Benchmarks, Tips

    So glad we finally have 2TB SSD available! I'd built a work around that I've used most of this year utilizing 2x1TB Samsung 840 mSATA SSDs in RAID 0 on a dual mSATA to 2.5" board (both reviewed separately here on Amazon), and it worked well, but, ran hot, and reduced battery life moderately on my Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1. And then there was the issue of not being able to manage the SSDs directly in this RAID 0 setup, which meant good but not great performance.

  • Amazon Customer - I was really hoping Hair One would be as good since it's much less expensive

    I've been using Wen for three years. My hair is curly, but not coarse and color treated. I was really hoping Hair One would be as good since it's much less expensive, but right out of the bottle you can tell a difference. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it's not nearly as rich and emollient feeling as Wen. It's like body lotion. It cleaned my hair, but didn't moisturize as well as Wen. I also usually put a little on after I shampoo as a leave-in conditioner in since I don't use product. Hair One may work better leaving that step out. But I doubt I'll purchase it again.

  • Jibberish18 - This was a very surprisingly excellent phone when my brother had it

    This was a very surprisingly excellent phone when my brother had it. The video camera was the most surprising to me. It took EXCELLENT videos. Even at night. Great pictures too. The processor handled most tasks just fine, you seldom saw any sort of lag or struggle by the CPU. The GPU wasn't great so don't plan to game much but could handle some games here and there. Not sure if they ever updated the OS but this phone as a whole could have been MUCH better with an update to KitKat for example.

  • Marsha K. Stein - Watching my old girl play like a kitten is a miracle!

    I am so happy to find this product. I have had to pay high vet bills while watching my old girl waste away. She has only had two doses and her appetite has started to pick up and she isn't laying around all the time. I almost cried (okay so I did) this morning when I noticed her playing like a kitten. I didn't know it would work this fast, but I am really grateful that it does. Thank you so much! You did everything and more that you promised. You now have a lifetime customer and I can't wait to tell my friends when they come back next week! Thank you, thank you thank you!