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  • Sean Andersen - Listen to the bad reviews. This piece of crap fell apart after ...

    Do not buy this cooler. Listen to the bad reviews. This piece of crap fell apart after 6 months of carrying my lunch to work. Piece of s***.

  • Karma - I did not purchase the 2013 edition of this book

    I purchased the 2011 book and found it rather useful, but had errors. When studying for the CCS, it is helpful if the information and answers to review questions are correct. If the answers are incorrect, the book is useless. And could mislead you into having incorrect information and fail the CCS. Considering the cost of books and registration for this exam, I would be careful and choose wisely. Pick a different book to study from.

  • Akkira Foster - so you have to hope for the best, or keep stirring

    I'm not a fan of this. It says no taste, but there is a very heavy bitter taste. Also, I don't understand why it can't just pour out from the top. Sticking a piece of plastic in my drink isn't appealing to me, especially from some company. You don't know when all of the powder is out, so you have to hope for the best, or keep stirring. This tastes terrible in water, but if you do water with Mio, or some juice, it isn't awful. This doesn't give me any kind of energy and I'm disappointed in this. I tried some in juice and while it was still yummy, the powder left a strange white film on my bottom lip. Not very cute. I got an awful pang in my stomach when I used it with juice and was down for the count most of the evening. I do have Crohn's disease and have a very delicate stomach but I do ingest other energy products with no issue. I wouldn't buy these again. They're awkward, uncomfortable, disgusting and ineffective.

  • Alisha Tibbs - Wonderful!

    My youngest loved it. Even though she is only 3 she had no problems with understanding and focusing on the story.