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  • Amazon Customer - Awesome materials

    I ordered these bundles last week and just got all today. Great condition with no mark at all! I found these materials really helful for the test review. Highly recommend!!!

  • J. Smith - Always a Fun Read

    30 years ago, the Guinness World Record Book was something akin to an encyclopedia of the weird and fanciful - emphasis on "encyclopedia." This new version is more like a popular magazine of trivia. While no less interesting, it is not the tome of old, which for me was quite disappointing. For my young son, it is a fun read.

  • Nate - A great collection, should be read by everyone

    This is one of the best short story collections I have read. I had high hopes for Richard Russo's take on the best American short stories of the year, and I was not disappointed. There were only one or two stories that I had a problem with finishing ("The Netherlands Lives With Water" by Jim Shepard and "Raw Water" by Wells Tower, both originally published in McSweeney's oddly), but this collection is pretty excellent throughout.

  • Bellaluxx - AUTISM aide!!!

    This is awesome. Beats getting shots for my son who has autism. The sublingual is a nice size and takes forever to melt completely so my son takes it as long as he can and chews the rest. Been in for 2 weeks and has seen a slight difference in the clarity of his speech. Further, he has less space-outs we like to call them... GET THE WORD OUT!!! AUTISM is not a dead-end diagnosis! Knowledge is key when ur have a child on the spectrum. Go for biomedical treatments... Many therapies u can do yourself! DONT BELIEVE THE LIES! No flu shots/ vaccinations filled with crap!!! Do ur homework people! There r a millions different ways.... God bless!

  • Tracey Brackett-Ross - Didn't Work for Me

    I was able to buy the Tummy Tuck System at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond and was glad that I didn't have to make the financial commitment and pay shipping & handling charges. I followed the instructions to the letter for thirty (30) days. I exercise about three to four times a week anyway, and just kept up my usual routine. I measured myself on the day I started the system and saw absolutely no results on the thirtieth day. I tried calling the toll free number given on the commercials, but it's automated and you cannot get to a real person. I even did the "Contact Us" thing on their website in an attempt to let them know that it didn't work for me. You would think that since they "guarantee results or your money back", you would have access to something or someone that will listen to you and refund your money. But, no one responded to my email. Why in the world I get caught up in these scams is beyond me. But, I'm just another one of their suckers. I kept the receipt and all the packaging in case it didn't work . . . and Bed, Bath & Beyond took it back with no questions and gave me a full refund (including taxes). Thanks BB&B! Shame on you, Tummy Tuck Slimming System!


    Hi so i purchased sunglasses less than a year ago. I basically only had them for one summer so far and i was walking down the street today and while i was wearing the sunglasses the lens popped out and shattered on the ground. I was horrified. I almost got hit in the eye with the lens. I would be extremely upset if you guys didn't cover this and give me either a new pair Or my money back. Please let me know ASAP as i really don't want to have to buy a whole new pair of designer sunglasses from another website.