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  • Aunt Kitten - Having issues this year. First time this has happened after at least eight years of Taxcut H&R Block use

    Purchased and installed downloaded product. First noticed the folder created in Program Files was named HR Block 2011. Very strange as this is obviously 2012 code. I am very experienced with using the product for the 1120S business return I do every year.


    This is the worst most cumbersome and poorly designed software ever and their customer service SUCKS! Do not buy this software! If you need help, you'll have to pay for support ... nice touch! Can't imagine this business model works and that people actually tolerate this!

  • Sunflower81 - ... stars instead of 5 because the quality is the best. It does the job it is suppose to ...

    I am giving this four stars instead of 5 because the quality is the best. It does the job it is suppose to do, but I am not sure how well it is going to hold up bouncing around in the glove box of the car. This tire pressure gauge works well and was accurate comparing it to another digital tire pressure gauge that I have. I do like this one has several emergency features including a seat belt cutter, life hammer to break glass, and a flashlight. I did not try out the life hammer or the safety belt cutter for obvious reasons but both seem sharp and like they would work. This would make an excellent gift for someone who is just getting a car for the first time or if you do a Yankee Exchange/White Elephant gift exchange. This is one of those things that will come in super handy but you never think to buy one for yourself.

  • J. L. Garner - An Excellent Hard Floor Cleaner!

    I LOVE THIS VACUUM/STEAMER! My entire house is either tile or hardwood, besides area rugs. It has always been a chore to keep my floors clean, especially the kitchen, which is the main thoroughfare in our house. I bought this after reading many, many reviews. I liked the idea of it vacuuming and steaming at the same time. I only ranked it a 4 though b/c I wish it was a little better at sucking up wet items. The steamer is great at loosening stuck on food (or whatever the kids, dog, husband dragged in), but it seems the vacuum has a hard time getting it up. The water tank may seem small but it lasts a long time. I was able to clean my entire main floor (about 1100 sf) three times before having to refill it. I love that you can toss the cleaning pad right into the washer. Regardless, it does an excellent job at cleaning the floors. My floors are cleaner (Sparkly!) and dry faster than when I used the swiffer. It's easier on my back and it takes me less than half the time it did before. It's more environmentally friendly too! GOOD-BYE SWIFFER!!

  • Demitrius - Highly Recommended ; Works in about two weeks

    For those of you who are concerned if this product works or not, it does. I had a corn located between my toes (called a "soft corn") and it was very painful at times. I was going to use this product first before I would decide to go to a foot doctor. I'm glad that decision was made because after about two weeks (as the packaging says) the corn was removed, and the pain is gone. Using the product is very easy, and it feels comfortable when on. Highly recommended. Also, I saved a lot of money by not going to the foot doctor.