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  • Lmisscutie - Very light

    This is a nice oil that is light and residue less. It leaves your hair with a shine on your hair as if you put nothing on it. A natural shiny look.

  • JN916 - YASSSS!

    Coming from someone who gets pedicures on a regular basis sometimes even more(2 times a month), uses every tool/lotion/balm known to man in the shower and out for her feet this product is IT! I have always had severe dry feet which I'm sure is caused by being barefoot or from tanning regardless this helped me have the most smooth feet ever! I would highly recommend soakings the swimming for awhile BEFORE putting on the booties.. Your feet need to be pruned basically- reply to those emails you have been dreading, get caught up on your Instagram creeping and do this! After I would wash off the product in the shower or bath and then let the feet dry and don't use any lotion on the feet.. Those bad boys need to shed. I would recommend soaking every day there after to get the initial progress started quicker.. The first time I did this product, it took 9 days for them to peel but I didn't soak long clearly because I am on day 3 of my second time and my feet are shedding in full force. Also, buy these in quantities- no need to thank me.. Just do us all justice and recommend to everyone because you with the nasty feet.. Yeah we see you!

  • Rhea D. - I keep coming back to it

    I've used this, on and off, for over 10 years, and understand the pros and cons of it. Yes, it improves the quality of the skin. The soy complex (or something) really does work at changing the surface of the skin. If you haven't used it for a while, the top layer of your skin will peel off during the day, and you might notice your skin 'rolling' off when you touch it. In this way, it's like a mini peel, every day. During this time, you might ruin clothing that is stained easily, or you might be embarrassed by the flakes of skin all over your clothes. Also, since it essentially is taking off the top layers of skin, if you have hidden skin issues, they will come up to the surface and you might see blemishes for a short time after you start using this. But if you stick with using this product, your skin will change for the better. It will become softer and smoother, as though you have the most gentle peel done every day.

  • Concerned Purchaser Of Things - Disappointingly unrealistic.

    What's up Playmobil? The characters have no body cavities. I had to spend several of my own hours with a drill press to rectify the oversight, before repacking the set and getting it under the tree before my kids awoke on Christmas morn. Also I had to create mini Sikh/Hindu headgear in order to teach my children how to profile potential Islamic terror-doers. A lot of extra time spent by Mommy and Daddy to make this item work as advertised, but otherwise a lively and fun, educational toy.

  • Rosanna C. - Unbiased review: Not worth the effort or money

    After reading the reviews I figured most of them were people who were given free stuff or paid to review. There were just too many positive reviews and disclaimers saying they had gotten "discounted" product. I ordered anyways with hope in my little heart. I have thick, wavy hair and my hopes were something that would cut my straightening time down. I knew it would never get my hair as straight as my high heat professional iron, but if it could smooth frizz and make it somewhat straight I would be happy. My flat iron works great but takes a long time and is damaging.