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  • Donna G. - Very disappointed!!

    Bought these for my 4 year old grandson and they did not hold up well at all. Velcro gave out and then the vinyl on the sides peeled off. Very disappointed!!

  • proinwv - Great

    I wish I had upgraded earlier. I had been using AutoCad 2006. This is an excellent product. While it has many new features, it retains enough of the older method to be easy to move up to. I recommend trying the free 30 day subscription service too. I found it so helpful that I purchased a one year subscription.

  • Kenny D. - A must have

    This a J. Coles best album to date. Conceptually very clear, message and topic management or content is tremendous. He also has grown so much lyrically and is definitely in the conversation of best Mcees out today.

  • Mari-Ann Wise - Good story!

    This was actually a pretty good story and I got through it very quickly. The only thing that bothered me was that the chapters alternated "before" and "after" and where it wasn't exactly confusing, it definitely was distracting. Still if you want a quick read with a good story (and it was free as an Amazon Prime free book of the month), go for it! I don't want to sound sexist but it is more a woman's book than a man's book. :-)

  • shadowsinmysota - WOW!! You Wont Believe It!!

    My son got a ThunderShirt for his German Shorthair dog Max. Max would bark and cry all day while my son was at work which really annoyed his roommates who worked different hours then he did. When he ordered the ThunderShirt he didn't think that it work because Max was already on medication to help him calm down and to help with his separation anxiety, the medication did little to help Max with those issues so he thought that there was no way a silly shirt would do anything, BUT, because his roommates were asking my son repeatedly to try to do something about the barking he thought he would give it a try..............OMG!!! he put that shirt on Max and instantly he was calm. When my son would walk out of his room Max would always be right there trying to get out the door before him so he wouldn't have to stay in the room by himself, with the ThunderShirt on, Max just laid there, he couldn't care a less that my son walked out the door/room without him. If you saw Max before the ThunderShirt was introduced (put on) to him you wouldn't know it was even the same dog. The Only thing my son had to say about the ThunderShirt was WOW!! He could not believe that the shirt worked, HOWEVER, he did say that after awhile of keeping the shirt on Max almost constantly, Max did slowly start to go back to his old habits, so now when he is home he leaves the shirt off and only uses it when he's going to be gone for any length of using it only in situations that it's really needed, it works just like it did on that first day he tried it.