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  • lulees - lulees

    It is wonderful!!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a well balanced exercise program. I use the CD that came with the chair, and it gives me a good half-hour program daily. A worthwhile investment!!

  • werecat - Little Red Does She Tame The Big bad Wolf?

    Haley was returning home after being away for three years, because her grandmother died and left her the house and enough money to start her own small business. She was lucky, that her boyfriend, at the time, would not live in a small town and she was blessed with a new start.

  • Julius A. Jeter - Quality product that tastes great!!

    Tastes great, and it makes taking your supplements simplistic. I've seen great results over the last 6 weeks of taking this, and my gains have been a natural progression. No balloon muscle, or water-weight here; just solid gains each week.

  • Curious Dude - Calcium, Lime, and Yeah That's About It...

    I'm not sure if I used this product incorrectly, or if the surface that I applied it to was too rusty, but CLR performed in a way that made me feel that it was simply "OK." I mainly tried to use CLR to clean a rusted soap dish in my bathroom's shower, and at first I diluted the solution, applied with a rag, waited the amount of recommended minutes, and rinsed with cold water. The result mainly consisted of a slightly shiny rusted soap dish, but the rust was still very much there. So I figured I would just put some undiluted CLR in a spray bottle, which the makers of CLR DO NOT recommend, and apply it to the soap dish directly. I applied, waited, rinsed with cold water, and this time some of the rust came off and the soap dish was really shiny. Still though, the rust didn't budge for the most part. Perhaps I did something wrong, but I read over the instructions over and over again only to achieve the same result. I will say that CLR is a lot better at removing calcium and lime, but I do not think it performs as well with rusted objects.

  • LauraZ - Exactly what we wanted

    We purchased this monitor for our son who was looking for a second monitor to use along with his laptop. He did some research and decided this HP Pavilion 21.5" was the monitor he wanted based on its features and its price. After it arrived he set it up and said setup was very easy, just a matter of plugging it in and turning it on. He told me the picture quality is exactly as described by the seller. When I asked him if there is anything that he was surprised or disappointed by, he replied that the seller's description represented the monitor exactly so there were no surprises or frustrations when it arrived. He has a fairly good level of knowledge about computers/monitors etc. and has nothing but positive comments about this monitor.

  • Aziz - Thumbs up to this moisturizer which does the job to the T

    I have always been a fan of se a med products and loved their range of products. They are gentle on the skin and yet does the job perfectly. I have tried various high end moisturizers but this is the best. It moisturizes your skin well without making it look oily and also restoring the PH balance.