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  • Mark T. - Great stove

    I have had this wood stove for 10 years, and it is my primary source of heat. My house is 2100sq/ft single level and the stove is adequate even when the outside temp is around zero. When starting a fire, I leave the door open slightly to give enough air to the wood load. Once the wood is burning well and the chimney is hot I then close the door and adjust the draft lever to allow a long burn time. When the stove is at peak efficiency, no smoke is visible from top of chimney. Make sure that only well seasoned wood is used. I replace the door seal every other year and clean the flue every year. I highly recommend this stove.

  • trbll - Very convenient. I do have to clean up the ...

    Very convenient. I do have to clean up the slobber gunk, but machine works well. We are now training our dog to insert the ball himself.

  • Dorothy - Great cord

    This works great for charging my iPhone and my i Pad. Plus I can take it with me when I travel.The extra long charge cable is a wonderful addition.

  • Brian Vadnal - Sent me EXPIRED product

    I bought this stuff Feb 2014 and the batch number is dated 05/13...this doesn't sound NEW to me...I did not open it yet.