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  • cathy - Nice bathmat for my bathtub

    This bathmat is nice, although it doesn't reach your whole bathtub, you don't really use your whole bathtub anyways. Suction cups keep the mat where it should be and it stays there without fail. What tops this off is the added bathroom scrubber you can use to clean. The only thing I don't I think you many not like is the feeling of the suction cups through the bathmat when you are showering. It feels very soothing to me, but you may not like the feeling. I would recommend this item if you are looking into purchasing something like this. I will update my review accordingly if I see any deficiencies in the product that should be included in my review.

  • Oakdale Ave Bob - Perfect Replacement Filter at a Great Price.

    Perfect fit. Works Great. Filter is packaged in box with instructions, looks like it should cost a lot more,. Great price and product. Very happy with purchase and I will buy again from Crystala when needed..

  • L. Carter - Constantly clogged by pet hair.

    I have a dog who sheds considerably, with hair collecting in globs. My kids aren't the greatest sweepers, so I thought this vacuum would be a good option for them. The vacuum clogs *constantly.* Every time I use it, I have to stick a drain zipper up past the brush to pull out the hair. Ito bought it to pick up pet hair, not to catch it halfway and make me pull it all out. All it takes is a small blockage and nothing makes it to the canister. Even when it is clean, I have to turn the brush on for a few seconds at the end of a room, to get all the debris up into the canister, otherwise it just dances around in the neck and falls back to the floor as soon as I switch off the power.

  • vanhalenHC - Excellent hot plate

    This is awesome hot plate. it heats up like nothing flat. I use outside when I am cookng fish or anything that is very aromatic. The pan I have fits over the plate itself so you have to be aware of that when you are cooking. You can use that to your advantage by using these spots as aplace to put aside quick cooking items such as vegetables while you are cooking your protein over the hot spot. very versitle.

  • M. Hall - Bitterly Disappointed

    I have used Quicken for as long as I can remember, probably going on 20 years now. Before my accountant ported us to Quicken, we used Peachtree software, which at the time was the 500lb gorilla of accounting software. Peachtree was getting greedy, though, and the software was expensive, and modulated as I remember so that the more you wanted to activate, the more you paid. This drove my business to Quicken.

  • D. McKinnon - Adhesive remover

    I had wanted to remove adhesive residue from my car door - left over from those stickers that shops put on your doors - and had heard about this product. It works *great* (as I was told). It did not mar the paint, yet removed the adhesive completely. Now I have a nice smooth adhesive free door jamb. (I clean the door jambs every wash, to complete the look, so now they look especially nice).