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  • Amazon Customer - Use this in recipes or just to eat with chips

    I got this large bottle and ended up using it in several tex-mex recipes and also to eat with chips. It is a little on the spicy side, since it's medium, but it's about right for my family's taste.

  • Dolores Burnett - Amazing!

    This product really works! I smile more freely now. It really does written crowns as well. I feel so much more confident.

  • PJDour - NRS Pilot Knofe

    Recently bought the NRS pilot knife for a week long kayak camping trip. I like the secure attachment to my PFD, but the nicest feature was the quick and sure release. It's somewhat "spring loaded" using the clips that secure it to the sheath. The blunt/flat point ensures no accidental punctures, and the formed semi-circle cutter makes fast cutting of ropes a snap. The quick release mechanism also locks the knife back in with a snap - if it does not snap, it's not in. Again, something almost foolproof, which is nice if you are reacting to an issue on the water. Great overall blade. I also ordered the Gerber Rivermate at the same time, as I have beena Gerber fan fr 40+ years, but the NRS Pilot wins my vote as the knife to carry on the water.

  • Zappenfusen - and my wife and I love them. With additional purchases we put up a ...

    I purchased the Swarovski Christmas ornament, 2015 in the blue Swarovski box, with the 2 smaller ornaments and saved over $50.00 off my annual order from Swarovski online. We have all ornaments from 1991, the damned Blue boxes, and my wife and I love them. With additional purchases we put up a live tree with nothing but Swarovski crystal ornaments. The ornaments we received from Amazon were Swarovski Ornaments, no doubt, just at a better price point. Same everything and will order next year. I hate Amazon and their aggravating O.S., refusal to try transparency as opposed to Faux honesty, and support of rip-off counterfeit product. They are not to be trusted. However with diligent oversite good deals are to be had. Just keep a vewy, vewy, close eye on them.

  • Amazon Customer - nutrient logic not alternative medicine

    I have always wondered which vitamins were 'good' and which were bogus. Knowing that price isn't always the determinant in choosing vitamins is in and of itself worth the price of this book.