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  • FourLegFan - Should have listened to reviews

    I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN A REVIEW BEFORE BUT felt compelled to warn others with the obvious defect of with this product. Being long over the 30 day return policy with DEALNICK, I am out $115. I read many reviews that said the base had serious operational problem but chose to buy it and follow specific directions from those with a positive experience . Having read that, I was extraordinarily careful not to overload and to clean it thoroughly after each use. In spite of this, a minute amount of liquid fell into the wall of the blender and it is virtually impossible to push down the container to blend. In light of my very cautious operation of this device, I still have have no idea how that liquid could end up between the wall and the plastic inside liner. If you still choose to purchase the NutriBullet, use it a lot within the unreasonable ( and very tell tale) 30 day policy !

  • Meredith Thomas - Great for what it is

    If you cannot have "real" cheese but want to have something like pizza or nachos that just aren't the same without melted cheese this is your best bet. That being said - no, it doesn't taste just like "real" cheese. The flavor is ok. The texture is ok. It is definitely the best non dairy cheese I have had and it melts instead of turning into a dried out film like some other non dairy cheeses. I cannot have gluten, dairy or soy and I will continue to buy it for myself but my dairy eating family members would never think it is an acceptable alternative to cheese.

  • Barbara A. Rues - What a Deal!

    I've liked this product for years but lost track of the lady I got them from, then decided to try Amazon and yay, they're cheaper and no shipping! I make sure to take one with my vitamins after breakfast and it noticeably tames down my appetite the whole day. Believe me, I've tried endless products of this type and this is the only one, short of some speed-like drug, that actually has an effect. Only trouble for me is I can't take the second one prescribed for later in the day, because it has caffeine and I'd never sleep at night. Sometime I take it after lunch and then it works longer into the evening but doesn't keep me up at night.

  • Mary Hillmann - Not happy with it

    It doesn't seem to be as thick and elegant looking like the others I have purchaed before. Looks like it's a fake compared to the others.

  • Reader - Good gift for an inquisitive mind

    Good gift for an inquisitive mind, be it young or old! Gift for a teen. Saw hardcopy at local geek-oriented store. Flipping through it got me hooked!