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Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh - emibd.com - emibd that is Electronic Medical Index of Bangladesh, is an online medical resource dedicated to offer detailed and current pharmaceutical information to serve healthcare professionals and people of Bangladesh. We own the most comprehensive Drug Index of Bangladesh that comprises necessary information regarding drug molecules of all therapeutic classes currently available in the country, and a dedicated team of mid-level* pharmacy professionals who work to cumulate the most recent healthcare updates. We consult world recognized medical references (e.g. FDA, MHRA, BNF etc.) and clinical studies to ensure reliability of the data we provide. All these enable us to provide reference data, news and educational support to communities of medical practitioners, pharmacists, patients and people who are keen to be enriched with health knowledge. emibd aims to serve healthcare professionals in the country by providing incredible tools to assist in their daily practice, and innovative services for patients as well. In addition to this, we are committed to support lifelong learning needs of healthcare professionals and consumers.

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  • Cestmoi - The FATHER of all disaster movies so far in terms of special effects and entertaining. + Some scenes with depth and emotion

    Of course, I had to suppress my logic while watching this in order to enjoy it completely. I mean there are quite a few illogical moments but they do not affect the entertaining value of this movie. The special effects are much superior to others of the same genre. They look real, spectacular and scary. There are some scenes with depth and emotion too. For example, the scenes where the rich paid billion of dollars to be hauled to safety while the poor were left behind.

  • bone - Timbuk2

    It's not as secure or comfortable as I expected. I have to wear it very high on my back. And it takes longer than I'd like to get it secure before starting my ride. First time I used it I thought it was secure. My first climb, i left the saddle and the bag crept down and hampered my steering. So, it's OK. I like all the pockets and zips.

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