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  • FASOTRAGRUPAC CMC - I bought 2 copies!!

    20 years ago I watched Top Gun and immediately walked into a recruiter office wanting desprately to become a Navy pilot. My Officer recruiter scammed me into becoming an enlisted SWO with a "guaranteed" flight slot after I completed a 3 year tour in deck division onboard the USS My Life Sucks. 19 years later I still don't have a flight billet, and I have a medically diagnosed condition of hatred toward recently winged Navy pilots who author self help books published too late to help me. The detailer granted me my #1 choice for a farwell tour and I am now the OIC of Werner Springs pilot a$$ kicking unit, aka SERE.

  • Carl Cloer - What A Neat Kit

    I live in hurricane country and need the capability to recharge batteries as well as phones and iPads. This is the best little kit on the market for a variety of charging options, and at a reasonable price on Amazon Prime. I would buy it again. I just wish it came with a nylon storage bag that would keep all of the parts together when not in use. The small pouch on the inside cover holds two of the small adapter cords and instruction sheet, but the Guide 10 battery pack, AAA converter and 12V adapter get left to fend for themselves, otherwise I would have given it five stars. I've only had it a short while...hope it lasts!

  • brenda - aerator design defect

    I purchased this aerator thinking it was cool idea. After a few uses it stopped working. I checked the battery housing and found rust debris in one section. Tried cleaning it with no success.Sent it back to the company and they refused to fix it. They offered to sell me a new one for half the price. They blamed the malfunction on allowing water or moisture to enter the device. A friend had the exact experience with the same aerator. The company rep even admitted they get many returns for this defect.

  • David - As Expected. Great Product!

    My wife and I have been using this product for years. Works great for cleaning products both inside and outdoors. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it on Amazon for the exact same price as Home Depot without the tax and the hassle of having to drive several miles to pick it up. Of course, I did get free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime.