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  • Willis - Don't believe any negative press, this is a fantastic guitar

    I think it's important to start by saving what rig I am playing through. I'm using a Marshal DSL15H through a 1x12 cab, and what better combination is there than a Marshal Valve amp and a Les Paul. I've love Les Paul's for years, and have owned a Epiphone Special 2 for the past 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the Gibson sounds that my old guitar, which I largely put down to the pickups. The weight is good, not too heavy, and the overall appearance of the guitar is excellent, although it is a darker shade of blue that I expected from the pictures. Setup is really good, no adjustments needed. I found the wider neck wasn't any form of hindrance to playing comfort, controls are very precise and have a reassuring feeling of quality. The case of excellent quality. The G-Force tuner I found worked well, but it wasn't as fast to tune as I'd imagined. It tuned perfectly, and I don't understand why people are so against them, because there's nothing that annoys me more than strumming the guitar after tuning it by ear and realising I'd made a hash of it.

  • Ericka J. - Wish the low reviews were here when I pruchased this version.

    As a first time user of QB for my new small business I have to say I am really disappointed in this product. As other reviewers have pointed out, this program now tries to sell you on upgrades to other services that should just be included to begin with.

  • Nathan - Incredible

    This is an absolutely amazing and true accounting of the 1914 Antarctic expedition gone to hell. It is clear that the author did an incredible amount of research, and though this book doesn't read like a novel, its presentation is much more powerful this way, giving a panoramic view of the whole terrible and desperate situation of these men.