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  • wahina24 - PLEASE READ: This liquid is different than the powder form!

    My son was having so many problems with food, we were going to a few different doctors and unfortunately had to keep switching his formula (not by choice, trust me!) I had to stop the breast milk even because he just was not tolerating the milk protein or really much of anything. I have a super bad stomach and I was so worried I had passed it on to my son even at one month of age. Our pediatrician gave us a container of the similac alimentum powder form and it did make a small difference however my son was still crying like he was in pain after each bottle. I read a lot of reviews online and noticed a few people mentioning that their child could tolerate the liquid form over the powder form. My doc knew nothing of this and i was so discouraged but figured I would give it a try. Not joking, the first bottle of the liquid form he ate, no crying after. I cried because I was so happy to not have my son in pain after eating for the first time. At one point I was up north and ran out of the liquid so I HAD to give him the powder and sure enough, crying and pain immediately after. My son is now almost 6 months old and has not had one single problem and is the happiest baby on the planet all day long now. PLEASE spend the ridiculous amount of money for this formula because I KNOW first hand how miserable life can be when your baby is in pain and you don't know how to stop it. The powder form does have a corn ingredient in it that the liquid form does not have, please give it a try so you and your child will be pain free. If it works as it did for me, you really should let others know because it is such a helpless feeling to have to go through. Good luck!!

  • Amazon Customer - they really fit very well and are very comfortable.

    You have to buy a 1/2 size bigger when it comes to Nike shoes. They are a little bit smaller than other brands. For example, I am 9 1/2 in New Balance, but here in Nike I must buy size 10. However, they really fit very well and are very comfortable.

  • Amazonian - Almost Life-Changing

    I'm a technical professional with over 30 years of networking and computing experience. After a great deal of research, I ordered this router to replace my Asus RT-N66U. The performance of the RT-AC68U is STUNNING. The router is a rock-solid performer that delivers a five-bar signal throughout our house (besting the RT-N66U by a good margin), and the speeds are incredible by comparison. The stock Asus firmware is mature and works just fine -- no need to fool around with Tomato or other alternatives. If you buy this router, be absolutely sure to upgrade to the latest firmware as soon as you put it online! Highly recommend this router, you can't go wrong and setup is easy. I also use the VPN capabilities of this router and it works flawlessly.

  • Erica - takes some getting use to

    It takes practice to get this right but you get it its a great product and I think that really anybody can use this product

  • KitcheneBlahBlah - This machine is for medium to heavy fabrics only - however, not really a heavy duty machine

    When I was looking to buy a machine and read reviews of this one I was a little hesitant to buy it - mostly because some of them said it wasn't really a heavy duty machine. The capacity under the foot is not very big, so maybe that is what was meant. I have been able to get through 6 layers of heavy webbing or banding, or whatever you want to call it that's used for old school aluminum lawn chairs. I have run over metal zipper teeth with no problem (No judging. It was an accident.) and sewn through 4 layers of 200 weight fleece. I have not, however, tried it on leather, vinyl or oilcloth.

  • cape cod irene - Word 2013 is awful - and Microsoft tech support is worse

    I maintain a mailing list for a nonprofit; several times a year I need to send either email or snail mail to our members. A snap to do on my 10-year-old Dell, which I foolishly gave up to buy a Dell Inspiron loaded with Office 2013. Was unable to set up mailing labels for those members who do not have email. Dell tech people, with one exception, were unable to solve problem and passed the buck to Microsoft (after spending approx. 15 hours on phone with them). Microsoft tech people, again with one exception, were worse than Dell's. Finally was told that Word 2013 home and student version cannot do labels (again after approx. 10 hours on phone) and that I would have to buy more software. How stupid does Microsoft think its customers are. Of course, the home and student version can do labels. It took my techie daughter less than 15 minutes to figure it out.


    I have owned Moov for approximately two weeks. I love the concept and the actual device. Before purchasing I spent hours reading reviews and learning about the pros and cons. One of the most consistent pieces of feedback I found, across all forums, was that the disc slips from the band and many people have lost the device. I decided to move forward knowing this big problem existed and played it off to those folks having a defective band or bad luck. I made sure to keep the band tight around my wrist to avoid any slippage and it worked. Today, I glanced down and noticed that THE DISC WAS GONE! It had slipped out at some point throughout the day and I didn't notice right away. Now I am out $80 and the device is gone.