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  • Ivelisse Ruiz - I have always taken really good care of my skin but once I hit 41

    I have always taken really good care of my skin but once I hit 41, I felt like my eyes really started to show my age. I am constantly on the lookout for a good eye cream, and I liked that this one ticked all of the boxes: dark circles - check; puffiness - check; fine lines and wrinkles - check.

  • Jason O. - They love this one and the songs on it

    Daughters are into the Just Dance Series on WiiU. They love this one and the songs on it. We have four others. All of them get used.

  • Patricia Nickison - it doesn't work

    I know it only cost me a couple of dollars but it didn't work for some reason. I will now have to order another one for more money.

  • RP+BP - Our 3-yr old loves it!

    This bike is so much cooler (IMO) than the stuff you find at Walmart. I didn't want Spiderman, Superman, or Tonto on my kid's bike... so this was a perfect score. He loves it!

  • Wanda Little - Sensitive Teeth!!

    Made my teeth sensitive. Requires to much time. When I can just pop some coconut oil in my mouth a swish for same/ better results without the sensitivity. Awesome seller tho they got me my product fast and my refund even faster👌🏾

  • John L - Convenient, but not the same as paper.

    I've been a New Yorker subscriber for many years. I just added digital so I could read it on my new Kindle fire. Although it is convenient to have it on the Kindle whan travelling, when possible, I would rather read the magazine on paper.