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  • Alexander - NOT apple juice.

    WARNING: This is NOT apple juice. It is a diet fruit punch -- 42 percent juice. And I'd rather have BEEN punched than ordered it.

  • Marvin Wolber - These headphones are built really good. These headphones are adjustable so they will fit ...

    These headphones are built really good. These headphones are adjustable so they will fit just right on your head. These headphones are very comfortable even after wearing them for longer periods of time. The microphone is really cool. The sound of my voice is very clear to the people when I talk to over the internet.

  • J. Dalton - Natural therapies work

    this product is said to help eliminate cancer cells. we'll see in April when my daughter has her next MRI. Prayers for all going through this journey. God is Good.... Keep your body alkaline and don't believe the doctors. They are looking for treatment not a cure. Read all you can is a good place to start. Asparagus is not a hoax. and anything the doctors say is quackery is not true. Also look into MMS Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Keep your immune system boosted. My daughter was given a 3 year sentence 9 1/2 years ago... Natural therapies work.

  • Sarah - Wasted time and money on this.

    Just wasted my money. Slowed my computer down so drastically it made it unusable. I asked my computer tech friend to fix it and he laughed at me for buying it. This is the only time I've loaded a dog program and it was a whopper. It has fantastic ratings in the tech websites but is probably overkill for the home user.

  • jedikitty - Works way better than Zovirax, however...

    Fighting cold sores for the past 3+ decades, I have tried all the prescription as well as OTC treatments, and numerous word of mouth home remedies.

  • Matthew Vincent - Incredibly poorly written/edited

    Amazingly bad (and not in a good way... even though I love cheesy Ghostbusters stuff). No pictures. Bad font and formatting. No editing.