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  • Annie - I was told that this was a spectacular ASVAB study guide.

    I work for a national TRIO program (an educational consortium) in North Alabama. We work with students of all ages (middle school, high school, college, adults working towards their GEDs, etc) prepare for anything for which they need to prepare to help them be successful in life. As such, we have many different people coming in on any given day to study for any number of tests -- the GED, the GRE, the SAT, the ACT, the PSAT, and the ASVAB, among others. The purely academic tests -- ACT, SAT, GED, etc. -- are my forte. I know little to nothing about the ASVAB.

  • Yiqiao Zhou - Informative and Insightful Fundamental Analysis

    "The Crash of 2016" is a well-written and reasoned fundamental analysis of our current economic and political climate. It paints a bleak picture for the country as a whole in the next few years, and articulates the reasons for an impending financial crisis. Definitely worth reading for anyone who is worried about the "perfect economic storm" that is currently brewing, and wants to safe-guard his/her investment portfolio.

  • matt k. - Just what you would expect and a good supplement for prepping for your written exam

    I already have my pilot license but the wife used this to prep for her test and it worked well. I will say it is difficult to depend on just this book to pass the test but it is a good supplement to other resources in getting ready to take the written test. Oh and yes, my wife did pass her written :)

  • Amazon Customer - Best shampoo

    This shampoo is AMAZING! I have a pug who is allergic to pretty much everything and also has severe yeast problems on his body. I have tried many other shampoos that don't work. His skin is looking great. Thanks moosh

  • Jeffrey C. Meade - Might be Worthwhile

    I bought Sweet Sweat to use along with the McDavid Sweat Belt and I'm honestly not sure if its really doing anything. At first I believed it was because the product at least makes you feel like you are sweating, but this product itself starts to simulate sweat as you work out. Then I tried using the sweat belt without Sweet Sweat and the results were about the same. When you take off the belt you can see the sweat on the rubber inside and the only difference to me was the lack of Sweet Sweat on the belt. I really think the affect on your body from using this product is minimal and you will get far more out of using a sweat belt by itself.

  • Blossoms - Goodbye Gym Shoes...Hello Sandals!

    I have suffered from dry and cracked heels for a long time, and it has been painful, but mostly embarrassing to say the least. I don't normally like to go out in sandals or show my feet. I have tried many different moisturizers and scrubbers, but nothing has done the trick.