Clearwater Tampa Florida Alternative Medicine Doctors - Lifeworks Wellness Center is one of the top alternative medicine clinics in Tampa Florida. Since 1997 we've helped thousands of patients regain their health naturally.

  • Health Conditions | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Whether it's menopause symptoms, weight gain, chronic illness or just a sore throat, LifeWorks Wellness Center can help you regain your health. Located in Clearwater.
  • Books & Audio | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Electronic E-Books written by Dr. David Minkoff and Dr. George Springer. Topics include: Busted: Breast Cancer Risks and Myths, Hormones: A Delicate Balance, Thyroid Disease – Why This Epidemic?, Cancer: Your chances of getting it an how to survive it, Thyroid Disease – Why this Epidemic?, ADD/ADHD and Autism: A Modern Epidemic, Experience A Hormone Balancing Act.
  • Our Beginning | Lifeworks Wellness Center - LifeWorks has become a place where the chronically ill person can get better, the well person can gain more youthfulness and the athlete can see soaring performance.
  • Tour LifeWorks Wellness Center | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Lifeworks Wellness Center has an animated tour of images that shows our office!
  • Allergy Elimination | Lifeworks Wellness Center - At our Clearwater clinic we recognize that when someone has food allergies, they can experience indigestion, bloating or poor absorption of nutrients, in addition to more usual symptoms.
  • Anti-Aging Medicine | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Prevention of disease to slow down the aging process. Anti-aging medicine is the application of medical technology for the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of the three age-related “Ds”-dysfunction, disorders and diseases.
  • Autoimmune Disease Treatment | Lifeworks Wellness Center - You’ve found Tampa bay’s and Florida’s top autoimmune disease clinic and doctors. Come here and start on the road to real recovery from your illness.
  • Bio-Energy Testing | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Bio-Energy Testing is a service which measures how well your mitochondria are functioning.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement | Lifeworks Wellness Center - How to balance hormones naturally. Usually, when a woman goes through changes in her reproductive cycle, very often fluctuations in hormone levels will occur.
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Whether you decide to do traditional chemotherapy to treat your cancer, or you decide to go for alternative cancer care, at LifeWorks Wellness Center we can coach you on the proper nutrition so that you can get better faster.
  • Cell Therapy | Celluar Therapy Clearwater Tampa Florida | Lifeworks Wellness Center - Rejuvenate & restore function to aging bodies & poorly functioning organs. Look and feel considerably younger or improve specific organ function naturally.

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