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    City: 25 , Romania

  • QuietStorm - Easy to install

    I am not really a do it yourselfer when it comes to cars. Not only was this antenna a perfect replacement for my broken OEM antenna, it's stylish and gives my Equinox a different look over all the others.

  • Heinlein - Beware!

    Works ok I never got a virus I was aware of but in my opinion the update and agreement that came with it is a invasion privacy and you can not stop the update nag if you don't want to update to the new release with built in social networking or agree to their terms.

  • Derek Dysart - Save your money

    Starting to think they bought all of the 5 star reviews. This thing is plugged into an outlet on my patio, and I can see mosquitos flying inches from it as I swat them. It does nothing except have a blue light that alerts you that you were a sucker to buy it.

  • stephanie - It's working

    Only had it 6 weeks but I see major improvement. Using on random areas & more often that recommended, almost weekly. Like most reviews it takes a few zap sessions to see improvement, but it will happen. I plan to do everything below the eyebrows with an understanding it will take time. How can you beat this price? See ya wax!!

  • De Bramhall - I'm not good with new equipment

    Wow, I went from a 720 Plasma to this Samsung. The remote is still a puzzle to me, I'm not good with new equipment, but I'll be downloading the manual. Oh and the screen is the TV, meaning there is very little framing around it and it's weight is so light. I'm still learning things about it but I'm not at all displeased with this TV.

  • Tyler - Lasts through our wisconsin winter

    Great item! I bought these to use upnorth, as we have an outhouse, not indoor plumbing. They get pretty bright, and light the way just fine. I was really interested in the all weather selling point. We usually go up in the summer and fall, so it'd be nice to just stick these in the ground and leave them. Hopefully they last! They look like they're up for our wisconsin winter though! Durable and tough. If anything changes I'll be sure to update.

  • Brian S - Nas with a North Carolinian drawl

    Albeit the album is not flawless, J Cole puts forth an impressive sophomore album. He tackles issues that other rappers elude. Subjects include virginity, the race complex in music, reality divas, adolescence and a host of other issues that inner city youths are conflicted with. He doesnt speak from a typical street thug aspect. Cole speaks as a kid who is educated and middle class. There is no facade in his persona. Loved the album with the exception of a few songs. Overall I would recommend this to casual fans as well as rap aficionados.