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  • Mary Jones - I highly recommend it.

    I found out about this book from a friend who actually has the entire book (700 pages) on a 24 hour long MP3 CD. My truck driver brother listened to the tape in a matter of 3 days. He called me & said that it was awesome--about our Founding Fathers & about all the immoral & unconstitutional things that Obama has done & continues to do as our president. I am reading the book now & agree completely with my brother's evaluation. Every American needs to be aware of these facts. I highly recommend it.

  • chris - Vets Best Home spray!

    Just got this product in today from amazon, so far from the comments i have seen about the bottle being punctured or leaking on when opened, i guess ill say i am one of the lucky ones that haven't had this problem when i received this product. for effectiveness i own a cat carpet cat perch. So i decided to spray the Vet's Best on the perch to see what happened i was surprised of what i saw happened next, i saw about 10 larvae come to the surface and die about 10seconds later, like the spray suffocated them to death! it was awesome! so then i decided, to spray the product on my flea comb and comb one of my cats once i got a couple of fleas on the comb they seemed to struggle a little then they died soon after. so overall i am impressed so far.

  • nbdoc02067 - and generally liked Plantronics, mostly for fit and sound

    I have used BT for many years, and generally liked Plantronics, mostly for fit and sound. I am somewhat disturbed by the fact that these devices rarely last long. So, my Voyager 150 started acting out (disconnecting/reconnecting every several minutes), so I decided on this unit. The fit was quite poor - the large headset did not sit in my ear, I improvised an earpiece from an old model, which resulted in more stable fit, but caused pain. The other issue I encountered was the charger. Firstly, I dislike proprietary chargers, because they limit my flexibility. more importantly, the magnetic connection did not hold, so I had to press it in firmly with my fingers and carefully put it down so it keeps connected. Customer support said that the problem could be in the cable OR in the unit (go figure!), and suggested to return it, which I did. Keep looking

  • Uncle Mark - Great quick read

    Great read. Good for the bedside table or "library." Had to put it down or I would have finished the whole book in one sitting. Wish it was 1000 pages instead of 250.

  • bar08 - opens up pores but...

    Well after seeing this product at the mall many times. I decided to look up amazons price. Luckily it was $6 when I decided to buy it, never buy from mall kiosks. So I tried this product and I did notice that it opens up the pores but to be honest so do many sscrubs that are cheap. I have not seen any results that would make this any better than what you would find elsewhere. If You buy this product for scars as many I know have then your just wasting money and time. Just get a chemical peel poduct and a retinol cream and add some vitamin C.

  • MelB - So Much Easier to Use Over a Regular Oral Thermometer

    This is the best thermometer I have ever used. This is awesome! The fact that this can read your temperature through your forehead or in your ear is really neat and it is super helpful when you have children.