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  • Cathie Merry - Healed my skin and is safe to use.

    Love, love, love this product. Will I purchase again. Yes, yes, yes. I also plan to give as gifts to family members. Great for your skin and improved my skin and healed the area just had radiation treatment on. I used this 2 to 3 times a day. A+++ Acure

  • Seth Du Chemin - This changed my life....

    I very rarely give something my stamp of approval, let alone recommend it proactively, but 24 Day Challenge changed my life more than I could imagine. I did this a couple of years ago while still in college. My girlfriend was a rep at the time and she did the 24 day challenge annually, so I decided to try it too on a whim. I am 6'1", and was 226 lbs at the time. It helped out a lot doing it with someone because I had to change my eating habits dramatically and became very cranky, but it gets a lot easier. The nutrition part is CRUCIAL, so clear out your cupboards, get the list of acceptable foods from the info packet from your rep, and use it as your grocery list. The eating schedule is pretty detailed so that helps a lot, just pack your meals and supplements for the next day the night before. Anyways, I worked out daily prior to the challenge but pretty much only lifted weights. When I started the challenge, I all but stopped that and switched to about 45 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of abs, and 5 minutes of lifting each day. I really recommend getting a good heart rate monitor, like a polar watch. It makes working out much more interesting and you know when you're slacking off based on your heart rate. After 24 days, I was down 17 lbs and it was noticeable. But what’s really amazing is the momentum that it creates. The healthy habits you’ve created don’t go away, and in fact I even started working out harder and eating better for months afterward. After 9 months, I had lost 45 lbs and have kept it off since then. I used to get tired every afternoon, and now I have sustained energy and feel like a million bucks for 18 waking hours each day, even without caffeine. The whole ordeal gave me motivation and confidence most people only dream of. Seriously, if you want to change your life, do the 24 Day challenge. $180 is not that much for how much it can potentially do for you if you’re willing to put the effort in, I don’t care who you are.

  • J. Nelson - Reliable accounting software that puts Intuit to shame

    If you've ever dealt with the bugs, errors, and crashes that define the Intuit Quickbooks (and Quicken) experience, you'll love this accounting software from Sage (formerly Peachtree). If Sage made a Mac-native version, it would be a dream come true. As it is, the quality of their software justifies the hassle of running a Virtualbox instance of Windows to use it.

  • reggie - Best Decision This Year

    The Earthing Book content is so amazing and it is true. After reading about Earthing we purchase the product and have been sleeping like Babies and feeling the effects of being grounded. We are sleeping better, waking up feeling alert not groggy and have a general sense of well being. My husband feels his arthritis pain is less, but overall we just feel better. The sheets are soft and comfortable,easy to launder, the grounding device easy to install. We have purchased a unit for a family member and have had a friend tell us that she and her husband are also Earthing now.

  • Sandra V. Ohlson - Fantastic!

    I held off on writing this until I had a chance to use it for awhile. I have had acrylics for 22 years solid, and thought I would be a slave to the nail salon forever. After the last time the mancurist sanded my nail to within an inch of it's life (it was so pink I thought it was bleeding, and yes I know, just get a different manicurist but I've had it) I was determined to get out of the grasps of the nail salon. My nails are extremely thin and brittle and I never thought I would be able to do without professional acrylics or shellac. Lo and behold, this wonderful little system!

  • Jim Ski - Great flashlight

    Great flashlight. Multiple settings from a low light to extremely bright and strobe setting. Will be ordering another very soon!