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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • KFuller - Just ok

    I simply can't get past the strong smell. It doesn't diminish at all. I have watched demo's and the scent isn't mentioned.

  • Edgardo - Just love it!

    I was choosing between this and the huawei one, some bad reviews from huawei scared me off, I love the way this watch looks.

  • Marcelino F. - Perfect. I use it for shooting and hunting

    Perfect. I use it for shooting and hunting. I referenced the Barometic Pressure to zero and it gives me a very accurate Station Pressure.

  • Amazon Customer - I have tried so many other products and none have tasted as good as this one

    I can't believe how delicious this protein shake is!! I have tried so many other products and none have tasted as good as this one. I have a very sensitive stomach and I have to be careful what I take but I'm happy to say that this shake is easy on my stomach!! I finally found a protein product that I can stick with!! Yay!!!

  • Laura Martin - Superior quality to the cheap store bought lights!!

    I love lining my front sidewalk with solar lights but have had real issues with the inexpensive ones you get at places like walmart for $1-2 each light. Many times they don't charge well during the day, I have some lights that die and no longer work just days after buying them, and the lights tend to be dim. Every night I have at least 3-4 of my lights that do not work. Frustrating!

  • FLU99 - Works and smells amazing!

    I love the Aveeno line. My son has eczema and this is really the only thing we found that helps. We use this every night at bath time and his skin is now so soft and smooth as it should be. I also put a squirt in with his bath water and it has worked wonders on his skin. It has a lovely lavender smell, that is so relaxing. It helps to put him rite to sleep. I use the Aveeno Calming Comfort lotion after to rub on his skin, so that really helps to relax him. We will definitely continue using Aveeno.

  • Cleolxs - Best stuff ever.

    I'm so glad I found this product. When my son was small (30 years ago) my mother-in-law gave me some of this when my son had a sore or cut. It is wonderful. I used it all the time. I have been unable to find it until now. It is great for cuts and sores small or large.