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  • Ricardo Morales - Great results

    I have tried many fat burners. This one really has worked well for me. I take only one pill (many other fat burners make you take multiple pills each day), and I have great energy during the day and don't get tired. Even better I have seen significant weight loss since incorporating this product into my daily routine.

  • Arthur - Best gaming mousepad for FPS

    I used this mousepad before around the year 2006-2012. It lasted me 6 years before it just got too dirty/stained. I ordered another one this year and the only thing that has changed is the SteelSeries logo. This is by far the best gaming mousepad for gamers who play PC first person shooters. It provides more than enough adequate tracking surface to play at a lower sensitivity. I combined this mousepad with the Reflex Labs 36''x12'' mousepad to cover my entire desk space. The surface of the QCK+ is better than the Reflex Labs though and your mouse effortlessly glides with precision.

  • Amazon Customer - S*** works

    I'm 215lb 6 foot followed the directions pissed like 2 hours after I took it s*** works like gold. I thought mine would be too dilated but it was all good.. Needed it for a new job..not some little s*** ass 15$ an hour gig either

  • Christopher B. Jonnes - Cripes!

    Alfred Lansing subtitled his book, Endurance, as "The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Told." That's a tall claim, and he may be right. In terms of the limits of hardship the human body can endure, only one book rivals this incredible true story: Slavomir Rawicz's "The Long Walk" (which I enthusiastically recommend).