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  • Michelle Hoyer - A must read for business management, not for the everyday leisure reader.

    What would you do if your manager told you one morning that your division of a manufacturing plant has not been making money for so long time that if things didn’t pick up in three months time, your division will be shut down? This is the situation Al Rogo is faced with, and if that isn’t hard enough to deal with, his marriage is crumbling as well. With the help of his old physics teacher, Jonah, Rogo begins a journey of not only a re-evaluation of everything he thought he knew about business but also how to manage his time better with his family.

  • Kindle Customer - Great Product. Covers all.

    Wonderful product. Don't buy the similiar products in the market as this one works great! You may want to combine colors to obtain your hair color, You can use your own hairspray instead of theirs as it works just as well.

  • Kimberley - I LOVE THESE

    I started using IdealShape products a few years ago. The company is great and their people are very helpful. I like IdeaBoost, it's easy to use and the taste is very good. I like to keep a few in the car and in my purse. They are a great way to get a little more energy in the afternoon, but even more they just make a good light drink anytime of the day.

  • Crystal Huang - Very nice charger

    Very nice charger. Love that it shows the amount of charge it has leftAlso had no problem getting in on board the aircraft in my carry on luggage.

  • GypsyBelle - And again it is wonderful. My only downside to this I wanted it ...

    Dang I knew I should have gone into teaching! Another insta-love , over the top alpha, stalker-ish book from AR. And again it is wonderful. My only downside to this I wanted it to be longer. But it was a great quick read with just enough hotness to make the cold night good. 

  • Theodore E Clarke - Great Reference Book

    Great source of knowledge from top coaches. This is a good place to start your research on various topics. Easy read.

  • M. Fernandez - Great new sound

    By far best Gaga ever! Have always been a HUGE fan long before she become the phenomenon she is now. And her evolution has always been positive and good. But this feels more authentic and raw and real. Haven't found a song I don't like. Its definitely a change compared to previous sounds but in a positive way. Almost country or folkish but still very rock and pop. Well done and relatable.