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  • Pikike66 - Great for Dry Skin

    I love this creme since I have very sensitive and dry skin. I use it twice daily on the face and the neck and it works very well. My skin is not too dry and doesn't get too oily, either.

  • T. Whiting - Ignore the hate, this is definitely worth watching!!

    I find it funny that every 'critic' in the world has seen like an episode of this and claims it's the worst.

  • Kathleen - Please don't turn a blind eye to the truth. ...

    Please don't turn a blind eye to the truth. Do your research. Hillary sold her soul to become president. This book is primarily based on interviews, although there are a couple of hear-say comments that could've been left out. Basically, it shows a self-serving, corrupt person with a blind drive to become president bulldoze her way to the top by using and abusing. The fix was in because Obama couldn't convince anyone else to run. I'd give this a 4 1/2 star not for lack of facts, but that I would have wanted more detail on some things (which may have been impossible).

  • Peter - Hoyle Casino Games

    Great game if you like Casino games, me and the girlfriend play Blackjack and Roulette all the time, also the Slots are excellent, great game if you are skint but still fancy a little bit of harmless gambling.