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  • KVIHVTVKE - If you snore TRY these. You won't regret it!

    I literally cannot sleep without these. I am a horrible snorer.These open my nasal passages right up and my boyfriend can sleep soundly next to me! They fit my female small nose fine. Use baby oil to remove in the morning if you feel it pulling your skin! The adhesive is VERY strong and they stick well all night.

  • Janet L. Scott - A great book everyone should read!!!

    I love how down to earth Jo and Chip are. They inspire me to never give up and keep believing the impossible can happen. I look forward the watching the next season of Fixer Upper and someday my dream of visiting the silos will come true.

  • Lady Breck - Great product that really works.

    This was a much better deal than paying retail. Anyone who suffers with dry cracked feet needs to use this as it really makes a big difference.Within just a few days you WILL see a difference in how your feet, elbows and knees look. It really does work wonders and quickly. My husband and I both use it and can't do without it.

  • JD Lewin - Read This!

    I bought Therabreath for the first time about five or six years ago and I used it only a couple times before stopping due to a strong metallic aftertaste. Out of sheer desperation, I tried it again last week and I can't believe how effective it is!

  • EJK-AZ - Nicely constructed but didn't work well

    Had to return it wouldn't hold sync and when it did the weather wouldn't work. It was a nice watch I wish it had worked for me.

  • Angie - Bible

    I rated it because the Bible everyone should read and it is excellenly put together. I dislike it because the screen is so touchy. Before you know it your in another book and then I can't