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  • Amazon Customer - I love this thing.

    Best version of the game available, you don't need to buy any other Just Dance game. This thing includes them all plus more.

  • Sergie - Caused problems!

    I took these vitamins last month and I just bought another month's supply. But i'm taking it back because of the pain these strong vitamins/minerals have caused me. I'm a 140lb 25 year old guy. I thought to myself "if i'm going to be taking vitamins, why not get the best?" I heard Usana had the best on the market based on some online articles so i decided to "invest" in my health. I didn't anticipate that they would affect my health in a negative way. I always thought that taking vitamins could only be good for me. I knew that taking too much iron or something else would not be good, but i blindly trusted "the best vitamin manufacturer" to make put the right balance in their vitamins. Now i realize that the saying "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing" applied to vitamins too! After i took the Usana Essentials every day (4 pills in the morning and 4 at night) I developed a Urinary Tract Infection for the first time in my life. What is that? Well it's really painful to urinate sometimes. I did some research online and learned that taking vitamins may result in urinary tract, bladder and kidney problems because you have to pee out all those minerals that you don't absorb. These solids can attach to the lining of the bladder or urinary tract while your body is trying to get rid of them. And there's a LOT that you don't absorb - proven by the abnormally bright color of my urine when taking these pills. I've taken much weaker vitamins (mostly purely vegetable-based) and have not had these problems which makes me think that it's the high concentration or quality of the minerals and vitamins in Usana's bottles.

  • Teresa - EXCELLENT

    Worked FANTASTIC in my basement. I used these plus an ionizer in my basement. My basement is now like any other room in a house. Smells fine, not damp, and is clean. 22 years never water in my basement until Culligan disconnected my sump pump when they installed their leaking water softner. While I was saying goodbye to my mom (she died) my basement was flooded! I didn't think we would EVER get it better but this product combined with a heater and ionizer did a tremendous job! Thank you for such a great product!!!!