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  • Jesse Gillespie - Looks good, not really practical

    I Love this Ouija board's look. Its old and well used looking. the box it comes in even fits this but.... not the best board to call the spirits. I was very excited when i bought this board, then worried when I opened the box. the front of the board has a texture to it. this texture make the pointer difficult to glide. and the pointer itself is bulky cause it has a battery powered glow to it when in use. this is the only reason I cannot give this a five star rating. TO the makers of the board: ditch the batteries,like the simple original pointer, but keep the cool wooden look to it. and fix the roughness of the surface of the board. allow the pointer to float across the board. this board almost has to be moved forcefully which defeats the purpose of the board entirely.

  • Tonya - Love this product!

    My hairstylist used this on my hair and I loved it. I have been using it for several years. Smells great and adds great texture. I have thick hair so this really helps but it only takes a little. You literally have to tap your fingers together to make it look like taffy then apply to your hair. You do not want to put it on clumpy. Follow with light hairspray and your good!

  • cawess - Too soon to know...

    I only gave Idol Lash 4 stars as it takes time to know if it is working. The lashes will take time to grow and I haven't seen a difference yet. I would love for it to work, however, it takes one's dedication to use the product faithfully and maybe on some it just won't work. We'll see!

  • Eric B - Buy The Old Version Discounted and Use With The New!

    I've been using Eset for years, and they make a great product. Very lightweight and non-intrusive. I forget it's even there sometimes.

  • Rae53 - Great product

    I have been using this for about a week now and can see quite the difference. Only after a few days my skin is no longer all. I have tried it on my face and have had no issues with the oil on my face. The oil does have a strong smell as others have mentioned but I find the smell goes away quickly after putting it on. I will keep using it and purchase again.