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  • Evon Howell - Great!

    This Valve oil is just fantastic this valve oil is better then the oil I got with my trumpet this you just need 2 or 3 drops on each valve and it just slides up and down it doesn't stick or anything this is just FANTASTIC!

  • Solenn - This was the book my friend recommended me. Meditation practice seems to be a lot ...

    This was the book my friend recommended me. Meditation practice seems to be a lot more than just relaxing. This book explains a lot more about this practice which makes me excited to read it! I can't wait to have it on my library!hope it will be on free promotion soon.5stars for this since my friend loves it!

  • Bonita J. Montgomery - Disappointing

    From what Dr. Wallach said on various talk shows that I've seen him on, I really expected way more from this book. He gave the impression that he would not only tell us what we need to take for a given ailment, but also the dosage that we would need to take to accomplish this. This book didn't give that information, and I didn't find anything much more in the way of information than what I had heard him say on these programs. I didn't want to know more about what could be done alone, but how to do it....without that information the book isn't worth much. I also got the same impression that I got from hearing him speak concerning the book being mostly an advertisement for his products, which folks like me just can't afford. It isn't totally worthless, but not what I was expecting at all.

  • Oldyeller - This was the best 9. 50 I had spent on the truck ...

    Bought an 2002 explorer that needed some fixes here and there. Someone had attempted to install a single din radio, very poorly. Was a combination of this bezel, tape and some paper jammed here and there. This was the best 9.50 I had spent on the truck so far. Very easy to install. Clean look.