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  • Ryan Wicks - FREAKIN SCARY..

    it was my first time playing with a ouija board. i was over a friends house and it was me and two others. when we all three had our hands on the planchette, it wouldnt move. so i sat and watched them do it. they asked it a question and it started going to R-Y (my name is ryan). and at that time, my finger started to burn. since we were playing with a glow in the dark board, i had to go to the bathroom to see what was the matter. my finger was CUT. it was a fresh cut and i know it wasnt there before. and i was just sitting there and not moving, so i didnt do it myself. then we asked the board if it was the one who cut me. it said yes and we asked it why. then it went to I D-O-N-T L.. and then went to goodbye. so we asked again why it cut me. it started going through the alphabet and numbers so i said STOP TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF IT! becuase supposedly if you let it go throught the alphabet/numbers, the spirit is able to release itself. that was enough ouija for the night! we put it away and didnt play anymore.

  • IceOnFire - Very nice built bike and smooth ride

    I reieved this bike as a gift from my wife after weeks of researching other bikes and I decided to take a risk and purchase one online.

  • Ms Pratical - even through the worst of allergy season

    finally my dogs with recurrent pyoderma is not suffering and not on keflex daily, even through the worst of allergy season. Highly recommend it