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  • Sandra - Love being cordless !!!

    Good sound for the price. I like not having to be so close or tangled in the cord while having lunch at my desk and listening to music. I might upgrade to one that allows me to skip songs or change the volume. Love the freedom of Bluetooth.

  • PeaceForAll - Good book for understanding tax breaks

    I initially borrowed older edition of this book from local library and liked it enough to buy its new edition for my personal copy. I compared this book with several others offering deductions advice and found them either "too small or too big" for my comfort and they did not usually have all the info I needed at one place. For example, some deductions books don't explain the retirement plans in details and their impacts like this book does.

  • E. Quintana - Love this Shampoo

    I was turned on to this shampoo when I frist had my hair straighten by my hair dresser. Not only does it smell good it does wonders for your hair.

  • Amazon Customer - Handy version for your tablet!

    So very handy to have the New American Bible on your tablet, especially when on vacation. Navigating through the bible takes a little getting used to but quickly becomes more familiar. traditional footnotes to amplify the passages are helpful.