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  • J. McNair - Scott Pratt is just an excellent writer !

    Pratt Is just an outstanding writer ! I love the Joe Dillard books so much , and have been waiting for the next one, but I wasn't sure how I felt about a brand-new story and attorney . But it was a great story and I can't wait for whatever the next thing Pratt brings out! I would love to see a sequel to this book , and sounded with him the story like they're very definitely could have been a prequel !

  • arthur contreras - Great product

    At age 34 I started noticing my sluggish mornings and lack of sleep once I tried testro-x I feltnew energy and have been getting more sleep. I even think it made my sex drive go up a lil

  • SherBear - Natural Antibiotic

    Goldenseal is one of nature's natural antibiotics. No side effects. Take with food. The natural way to get healthy. Cannot take this herb forever, as the body will build up an immunity to it. Only use for acute illnesses, then stop. See your natural health care professional for the dose that is right for you.

  • MissP - Better than expected

    I was rather skeptical of spending this much on custom floor mats. But dealling with oilfield workers who SWEAR by Weathertech I bit the bullet and ordered for my new truck. I was also somewhat skeptical of them fitting correctly since the new models haven't been out that long. The FedEx driver brought my mats in two days and was telling me about her Weathertech mats. I didn't realize so many people really used them. So I went to the car wash with my boxes in hand to vaccum the rugs I was going to replace and the owner of the car wash was RAVING about his Weathertech. Mine fit perfectly, looked great, covered well, and were shipped fast. So I am pretty confident that the oilfield guys, the FedEx girl, the car wash owner AND myself made a great choice with Weathertech.

  • Katrinka Solomon - Great product and loved the color

    I purchased this case because of the reviews. The day it arrived I did the tissue test (1 hour test with 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and it past with no problem. Tissue test: Place a dry tissue inside the case and put in water, I placed 2 coffee cups on it to keep it down and let sit for an hour. Took it out and let it dry then took a paper towel and wiped it off. Took it to the river the next day and was able to use it all 5 days. I didnt have one problem, kept my phone dry.. not even a drop on the inside. I took pictures and videos while my phone was inside the case and they were as clear as if the phone was out of the case. I also took videos going down the river, small rapids and it did great. I would def. recommend this product. I could have sold these at the river, everyone wanted one. LOL

  • John - A bit bland but promising

    I thought the book was a bit too straightforward. Some good ideas and decent language usage. I hope he continues and encourage him to build in more complexities and a bit less of the long March from a direct to b.