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  • Ragman - Joe Does it Again!

    My wife and I have been following Joe's career for more than 12 years. It always amazes us, just when we start to think; O.K. how much more can Joe do before it becomes old hat? He comes up with a performance that once again places you in awe! This release does exactly that. His ability to write and cover songs in such a way, it just blows you away. The horn section, his choice of back-up vocalists, in this case from Australia, the construction of the performance within itself is truly amazing. Joe has redefined Blues in his own way. Some critics are quick to point out that what Bonamassa is playing is not Blues and that may be true in some aspects. I argue that since Blues as well as Gospel is the origin of most Pop and Rock creations and Rock, Pop and Blues is what Joe performs, then Joe is a true Blues artist with the ability to incorporate all facets of music in to his harmonic persona.

  • J. Kawakami - Oil drips. Water faucet cartridge restoration.

    I've used this in my oil, and it worked pretty well. It took two applications, and maybe 1/3 of a bottle each time. The first time, the leak slowed. Then I did an oil change and added more a while after that. The dripping seems to have slowed a bit more.

  • uncgal - My baby's ezcema is 99% gone thanks to this and its matching lotion

    We tried a zillion different products, sponge baths, dermatologist products, etc. But this alongside the matching Aveeno baby cream, and the occasional use of the Aveeno hydrocortisone cream for really bad ezcema breakouts my baby is ezcema free. He is happier and getting a lot more sleep at night which means we all are getting more sleep.

  • Amazon Customer - It's just fun to use :-)

    The way that it aerates the wine is fantastic! And, no more using a seperate device that always seems to drip and need cleaning.

  • Amazon Customer - Seemed like a good guide, but lacked in much fundemental knowlege

    I purchased this book to study for the PTCB exam after reading many of the reviews, but it did not meet my expectations. Out of the three books I have studied from for this exam, this book had the most brief information, did not provide basic knowledge of Laws, many forms of math including alligation, and lacked much more fundamental information I deem necessary to the successful passing of the PTCB exam. For the price of this review book, the provided information is definitely lacking, and the purchase and study from a more comprehensive guide would be much more beneficial than this brief guide.