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  • Ivelisse Ruiz - First let me say that this eye cream comes in a beautiful blue pump applicator bottle

    I received this product art a reduced price for an unbiased and honest review!! First let me say that this eye cream comes in a beautiful blue pump applicator bottle. With so many products to choose from , today presentation can be important!! But most importantly since I started using this cream I have less morning under eye puffiness and the skin under my eyes feels wonderfully hydrated.I apply this cream under and around my eyes every evening after washing my face. I live in a very dry climate and I no longer feel like I need to apply moisturizer in the morning and then reapply several times throughout the day!! I experienced no redness or irritation around my eyes after using this product and I have very sensitive skin. The applicator bottle easily dispenses just a tiny bit of the cream which is all you will need as this cream goes a very long way!! The cream is white in color and very thick and rich looking; when you put it on under your eyes it is absorbed very quickly with no running of the cream and it left no feelings of greasiness or stickiness after application. The scent is very pleasant and mild! If you are looking for a high-quality eye cream that produces results then this eye cream is a great choice. I bought this at a discount for my honest review .

  • Jackie_78 - Organic and it smells nice

    I have done extensive research on every ingredient used in lot of popular baby wash products before buying this product. I have been using this for my baby for last 6 months, I like the product.

  • madpharmd - beautiful crystal

    I love Swarovski ornaments. I have been collecting since my husband started giving them to as a gifts before we were married over 19 years ago. This price was just too good to pass up. The quality of the crystal is amazing and each year the snowflakes are truly unique.

  • Funred55 - Great cable! Gave my TV an orgarsm.

    Plug it into my TV and my TV burst out in loud orgarsms. It was loud and passionate as if plugging this cable was the missing touch that prevented this TV from reaching nirvana.

  • Pamela G. Downing - Use with Anti-fungal tea tree oil soap

    Used in conjunction with the anti-fungal soap with tea tree oil is very effective. I was finally able to clear up my ringworm caught from one of my students. Use the soap three times a day on the infection. Dry it and apply this oil on the infected area. It takes several weeks to even a few months, gradually bring down the usage of the oil to once a day then just use the soap for a while once the infection disappears. Prescription pills did not work for me but using this oil with the soap did! There are different fungus types so this may not work for everyone but for me I give it 5 stars!

  • Fior Del Rosario - Best Product in the World

    I love this product it makes me feel energetic, and healthy. Transfer Factor is not a "product" out there, it is the only product that boost your immune system 437%. I JUST LOVE IT