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  • Will - Quality of Bose and Bass of Beats

    Was very excited to see my Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics arrive today. I normally don't review anything,but figure since my purchase was heavily decided by reviews I would share mine so others can benefit as well. For the price I paid for the device I wouldn't have expected it to be so neatly boxed as if I were opening a $500 new phone... I received everything described on amazon. Several different sizes to fit my ears. After trying different sizes I settled on the small hooks and covers.. The quality of the headset feels quite durable. I dreaded the "new purchase first charge" directions, but to my surprise it was fully charged within maybe 30 minutes. The pairing was quite easy, at first i was a little impatient and wasn't holding the button long enough because I would let go when i saw the blue light blink. I soon found holding it longer it would alternate between blue and red which was pairing mode. Well, after playing a few songs ranging from Calvin Harris and DNCE I determined my purchase is among my best decisions.. Let's just say i find it hard you will find a better Bluetooth headset when you weigh cost against quality. If you read one sentence the next is the one to read. If Bose and Beats were to come together, you would have this Bluetooth headset. You get the best of both sound quality and bass. This is my first experience with TaoTronics but will not be my last. I can't imagine how good the rest of the their products are and I expect I will be trying more soon. Also, you can't beat the quality experience you get when ordering from Amazon, especially if you have a prime account...

  • Jeanne Diaz - This far exceeded my expectations

    This far exceeded my expectations. I thought I was getting a heart rate monitor that I could use while I did my cardio. However, this little touch screen watch is jam packed with features. More than I would ever use and now that I got to sample a smart watch for this little price, I know I would never buy a full blown smart watch. Screen is small, I could never see myself typing on this this tiny square on my wrist. However, for a heart rate monitor, step counter, stop watch, timer, watch... it does great.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely LOVE this product

    I absolutely LOVE this product. Yes, I am a distributor. I signed up for cheaper products not knowing I could have just signed up to be a loyal customer for the same discount and no monthly fee to have a website lol. But, since I paid for all this stuff I figured I could try the distributor thing for awhile.

  • Pepperoni Man - Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or ...

    Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or 6 uses until it finally cleaned itself out. Works great.

  • Jimmy A. - Get them while it's cheap

    Its monopoly with a Rick and Morty theme .It's a great collectors items or for any mega Rick and Morty fan.

  • Tami - Terrible!

    I love the idea of a parent organizer - a place to put a water bottle, cell phone, keys, etc. However, when the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller is in forward facing position, you cannot recline the seat if the parent organizer is strapped on! It gets in the way and the seat will not recline. What use is the organizer if I have to unstrap it in order to recline the seat? I will definitely be returning this item to amazon since it is pretty much useless. Don't waste your time and money on this one.