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  • Picky Consumer - Costumer support - bad experience

    I have been an Avast customer for at least 5 years. Never really had a problem with the program until recently. I called customer support and gave them access to my computer to help me figure what the problem was. After about 15 minutes with them looking through things the guy tell me that he sees what is wrong and that for a cost of over $200 one of there technical guys could fix my problem. All I had to do was pay this outrageous amount and they would set up an appointment for me. And this was on another computer that I had the upgraded version that I paid for! I have never had a problem with the program keeping viruses off my computer but to charge an outrageous price on something like this made me look at Avast in a different way. not happy with their customer support at all

  • Amazon Customer - Kids Gift

    Gift kids are reported happy. One never knows about kids but everyone needs a Ouija board. Is it real or not?

  • Amazon Customer - I have used Webroot for years now.

    I have used webroot spysweeper back in the day. Now with Secure anywhere its a bit more protection. It does not interferer with my online gaming and you can turn the fire wall off at any time. Got this for $12.95 at the time can install up to 3 PC which is great. Install is quick considering that its only 15MB to the HDD. It will scan for viruses upon install. Check all running programs as well.

  • jbcold - awesome

    fricking love the group. really great mix of all their stuff. all the good tracks are here. a good buy.

  • K. Boyer - I teach 3rd grade and this is my favorite planner of all the ones I've used

    I teach 3rd grade and this is my favorite planner of all the ones I've used. It has the monthly AND weekly planning sheets, as well as pages for student birthdays, for example. The cover is sturdy and has survived my backpack, which says a lot. I really hope there is a 2015-16 version of this!

  • Alicia - The nails are another story and absolutely they have changed for the better. Now I have to file them at least ...

    It's been several years since I began using this product. My hairdresser had questioned excessive hair loss and thinning and had me concerned. That's when I perked up and decided to see what could be done about it. My doctor had prescribed for a thyroid problem. I cannot swear that my hair loss issues were solved immediately but I can tell you that the amount of hair that shows up in my brush is considerably less and perhaps it is wishful thinking, but my hair looks healthier. The nails are another story and absolutely they have changed for the better. Now I have to file them at least once a week and they are stronger than they have ever been. You won't catch me complaining about having to give them more care because all my adult life I'd been unhappy with them. A thing of the past. The skin part isn't as easy to answer because of all those years beginning in high school when getting a suntan was an absolute necessity - my skin is showing all the signs of abuse. Maybe it's better now, maybe not. Still, I'm definitely a fan of HS&N and will happily continue to use it.