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  • Deborah A. Carroll - Saved my sanity- and independence- while I was non weight bearing

    I recently had major ankle surgery and had to be non weight bearing for 10 weeks. I'm in my mid 50s and I am very active and athletic. I have horses (I'm an intermediate rider, so my balance is very good), a dog and four cats, and I live alone, so being on crutches was going to mean a major imposition on my good friends and a caring brother who stepped in to help during that time.

  • Jacob - Looks terrific, way better than the carpet floor liners that ...

    This fit perfectly in my 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 sport quad cab. Looks terrific, way better than the carpet floor liners that came stock with it.

  • Bama Cheryl - Quality Trucks

    These are really quality trucks. My grandson Luke has many of them, but Tristan really wanted one. He likes the fact he got two vehicles - one to do the hauling and the other to haul.

  • Robert S. Grossman - Just does not work well

    I purchased the NEAT scanner after hearing their radio ads. I finally set it up and gave it a shot. I do not recommend this device at all. The accuracy of their software is awful. First, I have to edit just about every document I scan in. It just seems that the software cannot recognize most documents. Second, it does not duplex documents. If you want to scan both sides you have to run the document through again. So you cannot scan a lot in at one time. Third, business cards really suck. Out of 40 cards I just scanned in as a test. The results were pretty bad. Just looking at the most basic simple cards, about 40% were unrecognizable and need to be completely entered manually. About 40% had multiple errors even with the most basic information like their name or state. The balance had slightly better results, but every card needs to be edited. Not a single card came in 100% accurate.

  • Kuniklos - My hair is better for having found this!

    I tried to find a cheaper alternative that does all this things this does. I could not find anything similar. My hair is smoother, softer, and I have less flyaways. it looks much healthier and seems to protect my hair from the daily heat of tools and blow drying. I about died when my local Target changed the price to $42 fort he 10 ounce! Thankfully amazon had it for $29. Their price changes but it seems to stay under $30 most days.

  • Angy Reyes - ... research and find one with such high reviews and good ingredients. I have a very sensitive skin so ...

    I have been dying to purchase a dead sea mud mask for a while now but hadn’t had the time to research and find one with such high reviews and good ingredients. I have a very sensitive skin so anything that has too many processed ingredients usually results in breakouts. I have normal to dry skin but sometimes during that time of the month I get very oily skin and break out. I use this mask at least once a week and have noticed a great difference in my skin. I usually wash my face with my normal everyday cleanser and warm water (to open my pores) apply the mask, and let it dry for about 10-15 min. I use a clean wash cloth and warm water to lather away the mud off my face and instantly can feel my face smooth and the area around my nose which is normally the dirtiest, is usually the cleanest, lol. The mask does have a tiny itty bit of a smell, but nothing unbearable. The consistency is thick but can spread very easily. I usually try to mix it with a stick (the popsicle looking sticks) because it looks like the layers settle after a while of not opening the product (this has happened only if I don’t open/use it for more than a week). I also use that same stick that I used to mix the mud with, to apply to my face. Make sure to use warm water to wash away the mud as it helps your pores open and thus being able to remove all the mud. I used cold water once and I felt like a little mud was still on my skin.