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trying to figure it all out-ish - I'm Ren, clueless, and Hell if I know. Philosophical comment here? I live most of the year in NYC, and the rest (the ice pop part) in Southern California, where it is still cold.

  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/image/151522666262 trying to figure it all out-ish : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/151522666262/windycityteacher-burntcopper-things-english trying to figure it all out-ish - windycityteacher: “ burntcopper: “ things english speakers know, but don’t know we know. ” WOAH WHAT? ”
  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/150878987222/cloudkitty13-deadeye72-a-close-up-of-a-human trying to figure it all out-ish - cloudkitty13: “ deadeye72: “ A close up of a human eye @sixpenceee. That’s some sixpenceee shit!! ” It looks like a forest ”
  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/150603536292/graze-com-vegetable-growing-cheat-sheet-if trying to figure it all out-ish - graze-com: “ vegetable growing cheat sheet If you’ve always fancied having a go at growing your own vegetables, now is the perfect time! And with this cheat sheet even city dwellers can get...
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  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/150239340187/foodffs-lemon-sour-cream-pound-cake-really-nice trying to figure it all out-ish - foodffs: “ Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked! ”
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  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/146043599917/foodffs-lemon-blueberry-cake-with-whipped-lemon trying to figure it all out-ish - foodffs: “ Lemon Blueberry Cake with Whipped Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting Really nice recipes. Every hour. Show me what you cooked! ”
  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/144937650012/hackmylifetrutv-stop-dropping-on-expensive trying to figure it all out-ish - hackmylifetrutv: “ Stop dropping $$$$ on expensive teeth-whitening products and head to your kitchen instead! HACK MY LIFE, leaving you smiling. ”
  • http://hopefullydexterous.tumblr.com/post/137143448412/did-you-reboot-wdbrkbrmghm trying to figure it all out-ish - did-you-reboot: “ wdbrkbrmghm: “ theinturnetexplorer: “ The “Magic Mirror” ” This is super cool but it doesn’t include the text instructions! Here’s the original imgur gallery with some comments on...

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  • Brandi - Loved it.

    My eyelashes are growing!!!! I've always had very short unnoticeable eyelashes, but they are finally starting to fill in really thick and are longer then ever! I'm happy!

  • Hussein Gamal Fareed - Microsoft SQL Server 2012 rocks. The best DBMS ever.

    Whomever reading this review, note that I'm an ETL developer meaning that I've dealt with various data sources like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and SQL Server.

  • falala2012 - Works but caused too much gas for baby

    A little pricey but well worth as it definitely works. It increased my milk supply by about 6 or more oz per day and I didn't smell like fenugreek! Unfortunately if gave my baby terrible gas pains and caused spotting for me so I had to stop taking it. Still worth a try if you want to increase your supply...just watch for changes in baby's fussiness.

  • Walks like a Lady - Skeptical but it worked!

    My husband has had severe pain in his arm since December. Finally went to an Orthopedist in February and he was diagnosed with tennis elbow. Put him in the Bandit and gave him a cortisone shot and put him on Naproxen. None of that worked although the Bandit helped but not much. He went back in for another shot of cortisone 2 mos later because the pain was almost unbearable.

  • Terri Maria - No Good

    This is described as having night shot and HD...the directions say if the shot is too dark, turn more lights on...video was dark and grainy in a well lit room, and the audio was almost non existent...sounded like people were talking from the next room. Not recommended for youtube videos...maybe a toy for your kids to play with.