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Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist located in Sydney with an office Northwest Sydney and the Lower North Shore. Head to our site for answers to your questions.

  • https://hillsent.com.au/acoustic-tumours-vestibular-schwannoma/ Acoustic Tumours - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Acoustic tumours are located close to many vital brain regions. Generally, first symptoms of acoustic neuroma are ear noise, hearing or balance disturbance.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/adult-snoring/ Adult Snoring - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Adult snoring is a problem for many, or more specifically for their partners! Snoring is when the windpipe is too narrow and/or floppy.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/bone-anchored-hearing-aid/ Bone Anchored Hearing Aid - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) works by conducting the sound directly through your bone via a small titanium implant sound processor behind the ear.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/childrens-blocked-nose-adenoids-allergy/ Childrens Blocked Nose - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Childrens Blocked Nose can be caused by disturbed sleep, facial growth, poor teeth, exercise or speech impairment.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/childrens-snoring/ Childrens Snoring - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Childrens snoring - Approximately 10% of children are reported to snore. Ten percent of these children have obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/childrens-ear-infections-glue-ear/ Childrens Ear Infections - Sydney Hill ENT Clinic - Childrens Ear Infections are generally middle ear infections. It's an infection that fills the middle ear with fluid and pus, often causes pain and fever.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/cholesteatoma-dr-nirmal-patel-endoscopic-ear-surgery-sydney/ Cholesteatoma - Surgery- Sydney- Australia - Dr Nirmal Patel - Cholesteatoma is a term used to describe a skin cyst in the middle ear. A patient can be born with this, or they can get the condition after ear infection.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/cochlear-implants/ Cochlear Implants - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Cochlear implants can help restore hearing loss which is caused by a congenital abnormality of the cochlea, part of the hearing apparatus of the inner ear.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/exostoses-surfers-ear/ Exostoses - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Exostoses need careful management with ear drops such as Aqua Ear. If an infection does occur, antibiotic or antifungal ear drops should clear it up.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/holes-in-eardrum/ Holes in Eardrum - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Holes in eardrum can occur if the eardrum and three small ear bones become chronically infected. This leads to perforations in the ear drum.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/otosclerosis-stapedectomy-surgery/ Otosclerosis - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - In otosclerosis, excessive bony growth occurs around the third middle ear bone (stapes or stirrup), which normally conducts the sound to the cochlea.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/tonsils-and-adenoids/ Tonsils and Adenoids - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - The inflammation of Tonsillitis may involve other areas of the back of the throat including the tonsils and adenoids and the lingual tonsils.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/our-team/ Our Team - Dr Nirmal Patel - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Head over to read about our team at the Sydney Hills ENT Clinic and Dr Nirmal Patels experience and background in the ear, nose and throat field.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/children/ View our childrens videos for Ear, Nose and Throat proceedures - Tommy is our doctors special little helper at the clinic. He has lots of friends that have been to hospital to fix their ears, nose or throats.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/nose-throat-surgery/ Nose / Throat Surgery Videos - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Head over to view our latest videos of Nose / Throat Surgery. We also have a Vimeo channel for you to view all of our surgeries.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/blog/ Ear, Nose and Throat Blog - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Head over to our Ear, Nose and Throat blog to read up common ENT conditions, insights and advancements written by our team of Surgeons.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/contact-our-ent-team/ Contact our ENT Team - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Head over to our contact us page to contact our ENT team. There are details for both our Northwest Sydney and Lower North Shore offices.
  • https://hillsent.com.au/ent-information-sheets/ ENT Information Sheets - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - Got a question about something in the world of Ear, Nose and Throat conditions? Chances are we have an information sheet just for you!
  • https://hillsent.com.au/ear-nose-and-throat-articles/ Ear, Nose and Throat Articles - Sydney Hills ENT Clinic - These ear, nose and throat articles were written for GPs by our surgeons. They describe common ENT conditions.

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    Works very well if you KEEP IT MOIST. Put enough on to soak the spot, then cover it so fibers do not dry out before 48 hours have passed. I put a bowl or plate upside down over the spot. Imagine little critters working on eating the pee stain that die if you don't keep them moist...

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    Seller sent out another copy of game since the first one was damaged. Now it works perfect! Thanks!!!!

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    Ok let me start here by telling you that I got all wrapped up in the holiday craziness and tried to find this for my daughter....sold out everywhere. I read some inital reviews but there weren't many as it was so new. We waited until now to purchase this as a bundle and what a BIG MISTAKE!! I can't even believe that this is made my Leapfrog. I always loved their products and I think we have just about everything else they made. The set-up took forever which really surprised me. I also noticed batteries in the packaging and it also came with an AC adapter but I really didn't give it much thought...I assumed if the batteries died that there had to be some sort of internal battery/memory because that is why it came with the AC adapter. Well I was wrong. After a few hours of playing with this the batteries died. I plugged the AC adapter in and waited a few hours, handed to my daughter and guess what....no charge and a cranky toddler who just wanted to play!!! The AC adapter only works if you are sitting next to an outlet. That is so safe isn't it?? Having your toddler sit next to an outlet with a long cord just to play the device. It is a strangulation hazard. Are they crazy with this design??? In this day and age what kind of device requires batteries every other day?

  • Amazon Customer - A Free PEANUT Plug and It Works Out of the Box

    Works as described, though the three minute set up is more like 5 minutes if you count the machine warming up on initial plug-in. For a technically challenged senior (60+) the touch screen and simple instructions were easy to follow and made setting up a secure wireless network easy peazzy.

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