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  • ogenmatic - Serious shortcomings...

    While the welder on this does work absolutely flawlessly, there is no place to store your welding rods. Also the toaster oven on this is barely big enough to put a small frozen pizza in. Everything is top notch quality but it seems like the features are not all thoroughly thought out.

  • dosmalo - So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out ...

    So far - so good. I'm not going into a long drawn out critique yet but I can tell you the picture quality is great, the remote is great and it only weighs 16 pounds!!!. Audio not so great but I'm assuming LG knows this anyway and figures most people are going to ditch the factory audio for a separate surround sound home theater hook up.

  • Rachelle - Awesome product!

    First off, let me start by saying I've been wearing makeup since I was about 16 years old and I am a die-hard, hardcore makeup junkie. I love makeup, it is my weakness. So, lately I've been purchasing a bit more higher end brands because I've been watching beauty gurus on youtube.com. Love them! Anyway, I ordered some stuff from Sephora and got this Miracle Skin Transformer sample in the shade medium. I was unsure about this considering I typically wear a "heavier" foundation daily. I don't have much to cover but I never go out "bare-faced" I do however have dry skin once in a while as well as oily skin (such as forehead, nose) later on during the day. Well, one morning I was like, I'll give it a try and test this 'primer, sunscreen, foundation, moistuizer out'. I always use a primer to start so I applied that first, then this MST. I thought at first it was too sheer and wouldn't make a difference. I still continued to apply it and I love it!! I have been noticing lately that I am applying too much foundation/setting powder, so mid-way through the day I looked cakey and pastey. GROSS! With Miracle Skin Transformer I don't get cakey or look all cracked around mouth and pastey at all! It looks so natural and is soo light. The texture of it is also amazing. It feels like a primer, that smooth silicone feeling. I love that on my face! It is also buildable so you can apply, let dry for a few and apply more in areas needed without looking like you have 90lbs of makeup on your face. I will be receiving my MST today as I see it is out for delivery this morning. So as far as shipping I am very pleased. I ordered this 2 days ago and I am receiving it today! I hate buying something that I'm so excited for and then have to wait 7 days for it to arrive, so VERY happy it came this quickly! Everyone's skin/face can and will react differently, but I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

  • allen wu - This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out ...

    This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out window then game that I want Play steam os does not support the game I want to play unless window in it

  • Kevin - kestrel

    love this unit! use it backpacking, hiking and car camping. just used it on a 5 week vacation in alaska in all kinds of conditions and it was great to have this unit with all its options and know what was going on with the conditions at the moment - battery life was good only had to change out the battery once and that was toward the end of the trip and this unit was on all the time and in below freezing conditions - was fun to play with all the wind speed options also - found that the barametor worked well also - again love this unit

  • Shari L. Parish - Resistance Chair

    My dad just recently had a stroke. He has very little room for big exercise equipment. This chair is perfect for his needs-it folds up so it takes up very little room. The resistance bands attached to the chair give him a good workout. Overall, I am very pleased with this item.

  • Redoubt Ranger - Would buy again but would like to help the designers

    I like the tub. The spreader has a wide range of spreading options. The operating bale to adjust volume is not well designed but I just used my own thick plastic coated electrical wire to design my own. The mounting plate is solid but the options on how to mount it to your ATV are limited and I think every ATV owner will need to design a mounting option more specific to their ATV. Gad I bought it...but...would have liked more mounting options....OH...and maybe an easier to identify aperture reading so you know what the hell your spreading pattern or volume will be before you turn on the spreader.