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Helderberg Cardiac Support Group Somerset West South Africa - Based on the Vergelegen Mediclinic, the Helderberg Cardiac Support Group provides non-medical advice to heart patients who have had a heart incident both before and after surgery.

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  • Amazon Customer - cheap and flimsy

    I know you get what you pay for. But why even include the rachet. The very first time I tried to use it on a simple tool it broke. I'm thinking the sockets won't hold up under pressure either. Don't buy it. Spend the extra amount to get a decent set.

  • Professor Filutek - Problem with the latest cloud based Neat scanner

    I am presently reviewing 2 units for my company with the idea of buying more if they perform well. So far these are the problems I have noticed.

  • Amazon Customer - Blue capsules undigestable!!

    I was taking lipozene for a week, twice a day, I started to feel nausea for a couple days, had a lot of diarrhea, I had to puke at work and a hard blue lump come out of my stomach. I had not eaten anything blue in weeks, it was the blue plastic around the capsules! Do not buy, its dangerous! I didn't even lose one pound.

  • wolfie - got a minute...that's how long the coins last

    The graphics are gorgeous, the slots are fun, BUT the coins don't last at all long. I bought coins and the slots got tighter. The designers really understand how too hook you,, but not buying any more coins. WOULD have given it a five star rating if they paid more so I could have played longer than 10 minutes

  • louie genzano - Cd arrived in perfect condition. Quality and price was unbeatable

    Cd arrived in perfect condition. Quality and price was unbeatable. I used it for a year without any problems. I have tried other internet security as many change in quality and price from year to year. I would suggest you research the security carefully before buying one as this is a serious purchase.

  • Living Large - nice

    This is a real nice treadmill and it works well. Sole seems to put out a well built piece of equipment.