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  • 21 Simple Pros & the Cons of Chemotherapy Treatment - These 21 pros and the cons are very simple. The benefits of the chemotherapy depend upon the stages of cancer. Chemotherapy is synonymous with treatment of drugs.
  • 11 Shocking Blood Donation Side Effects you should know! - The side effects that found in the people who donated the blood may be reduced by drinking some of water before donating. The concept of blood donation is a good one.
  • Simple & Elegant Natural Ways To Improve Your Sleep - It's a better idea to follow the natural ways to improve the sleep. Presenting the few tips that can be done at Home. So the ways & how to improve sleeping ticks too.
  • Top 10 Super Natural Herbs for Cleansing Kidneys - The kidneys are capable of cleansing themselves of the toxic substances. There are various natural herbs that help to combat the infections of the kidneys.
  • Simple Pros and Cons of Gastric Band Helps to Lose Weight - The surgery of the gastric banding has many benefits to its credit. So many people choosing the gastric band surgery. There are few of the cons are also avail.
  • Planning to Gastric Sleeve Surgery? Note these 10 Simple Pros & the Cons - Gastric Sleeve is a weight loss programme that involves the surgery to manage & maintain than the gastric method. Take note of the pros and cons of the surgery.

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  • XBMC Dude - Works well under Linux without GTKPod

    Great value. Does everything iPod Shuffle would do without having to monkey around the iTunes. Works fine under Linux, mounts as removable drive and plays instantly without having to use GTKPod.

  • Rubesbiz - Kids version VS. Regular

    This was OK. My daughter actually likes the regular version more due to the songs, she's 6-7 years old. The music is older and certainly more kid friendly as far as lyrics.

  • CallMeDup - Amazing. I owe my job to it.

    Great product - Drink entire bottle and however much water it takes you to urinate 3 times in 90 minutes. After the third urination, you are good to go for 5-6 hours. Do not drink insane amounts of water as it will stop the product from working correctly. DO drink a bottle of 12oz of water every 60-90 minutes after the 3rd urination and urinate as needed, don't hold it in. As long as you can avoid toxins for 48hrs before you use this, its a sure thing.

  • Meca Campbell - Excellent product!

    I love the way this Creme Brulee leaves my moist and not oily. This is a great product for anyone that is trying to go from relaxed hair to natural hair.

  • Pam LaMont - Awesome!

    Got this for my daughter after the birth of her first baby. She loves it and said that all the moms she has met use it also and those that don't have it yet are running to Amazon to order it.

  • Astro - Overdrive Comp 2012

    Love this bike. I've had this bike for about 2 1/2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its been 200 miles of all trail, rocks and roots and the bike is rock solid. My only complaints are delivery issues. My bike was delivered with a broken reflector and a improperly installed derailleur cable. The rear derailleur cable housing was installed without a ferrule on one end causing the cable to gut itself. The metal strands inside the cable began to shoot out the end. Considering the previous reviews of DB customer service, I didn't bother. I fixed it myself. All in all the bike is a champ. Component for component it compares with LBS bikes in the $1300-$1500 range. Ive made a few modifications, a Serfas RX seat and Ergon grips to help smooth out some of those rough rides. May try a Thudbuster ST seat post next. Sure I've added a few pounds to my bike, but there's already 5 lbs less of me! Make it comfortable. Make it fun. Buy it.