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  • Andrew Cook - Misleading commercial

    Photos of spray at the end! 1) the can lied about color. They conveniently use white products on the commercial so they can say it comes out clear. It comes out white. 2) the commercial shows them using it on electronics. The Can says you can't. 3) can says it's lasting. It starts to come off at the touch and regular soap pulls it off. 4) it feels like chalk. And it made my shoes so hard I cut my self on them! It specifically recommend putting on canvas shoes. Not worth my money.

  • Eric T. Cowan - The new Roth 401k information alone was worth the upgrade to the new version!

    Spoiler alert! Have you been frustrated that you can only send $5k to your Roth IRA each year, or that you can't contribute anymore because of income limitations. No more. After reading this section I checked and both my wife's company and mine offer the Roth 401k option. Max contribution for 2013 is $17.5k with no income phase outs, just like your regular 401k! My wife's company will even match to the Roth instead of the traditional 401k. It's awesome! Never would have thought to look had I not read about it here.

  • azog - Lots of potential

    Pre-order direct from Anki, so it doesn't show me as "verified". Set up was pretty easy, and I was playing with Cozmo in like 5 minutes. I've had him long enough to unlock all the currently available skills, which is up to "wheelie". Expectations did not quite meet reality. I'll probably repeat what othe reviews already mentioned, but that just affirms there is still plenty of room for improvement:

  • Nate Grinvalds - Works as Advertised

    Going with the Rustoleum countertop transformation was bit of a gamble. Some good reviews, some bad reviews. It was way less expensive than going with a real granite countertop, and considerably less expensive than even a laminate countertop, so I decided to give it a go.

  • J. Nicoll - BEST TOY EVER!

    I've always held fantasies of becoming a TSA agent, but was worried what my mother might think. Now I can be a TSA agent in the privacy of my own home, without the potential societal repercussions.

  • Jmdylrc - last wwe for ps2

    It is great game even though the commentary is kinda off the say you grabbed a ladder when you grab a chair but it's great in other ways graphics are so good road to wrestlemania is improved over the ones before overall good game

  • L. MCGAHA - Pan twists in oven

    I bought this product because I wanted a baking pan without a non-stick surface. It was gleaming stainless steel when new, but I've never been able to totally remove all smudgy residue when I clean it. I was quite disappointed to find that the pan twisted in the oven when I baked chicken, although it flattened out after I took it out of the oven. I had hoped it was heavy duty enough not to warp when baking.