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  • https://hcp.gsk.co.uk/supply.html Supply - Information to be provided to Healthcare Professionals on GSK’s medicines and vaccines supply availability
  • https://hcp.gsk.co.uk/products/nucala.html Nucala▼ (mepolizumab) | Respiratory | GSK Pharma UK | Healthcare Professionals - Nucala▼ (mepolizumab) homepage containing links to useful information to support UK healthcare professionals.
  • https://hcp.gsk.co.uk/products/ellipta-inhaler.html Ellipta inhaler | Respiratory | GSK Pharma UK | Healthcare Professionals - Ellipta inhaler information for UK healthcare professionals including getting started, how to use the Ellipta inhaler and top tips for your patients.
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  • Patricia Taubler - E product arrived on time. I have used this ...

    E product arrived on time. I have used this product off and on for at least 30 years. This is the first time that I ordered it from Amazon. I will reorder it through Amazon. Tried another CLA, however it did not compare in quality and results.

  • Brett R. - Sounds great

    So I installed this exhaust a few weeks ago. It's a lot louder than the stocker, which is fine by me, but not so loud as to upset the neighbors! I think it looks great too! On my Stratoliner, I installed a fuel controller and a high flow air filter when I put the exhaust on. I did get some popping and backfiring until I got the fuel mix dialed in.

  • Daniel L. Simmons - Not the same product

    I have bought this product before from the manufacturer. I have taken it for 10 days. I feel no effect. not the same as when I have taken it before. Before I felt a big change and I feel no change with this one. The last time I tried Ageless male was direct from the manufacturer and it was in cap form, these are a pressed pill. The pills are broken and dont seem like the same product. Not recommended

  • Me, that's who. - Blessed Seed Oil

    If you've done any kind of research at all on Nigella Sativa oil (aka black seed oil, black cumin seed oil, onion seed oil, etc.) then you have to have heard about it's curative and health properties. Well I concur. I mix black seed oil with virgin coconut oil and use it on my skin and hair and it's truly miraculous. As nearly prohibitive as the price is, I'd be a fool NOT to cut it but the black seed oil shines right on through the coconut oil. I put some of my mixture on my son's skin with his eczema and chronic itchy skin and it kept his skin moisturized, healed his scratch marks where he'd scratched his skin up in his sleep and left him with a wonderful glow. I use it on my skin and hair as well and I love it. I also consume the oil on sprouted grain bread. The oil has a peppery/citrusy taste and is quite different from any other oil that I've ever tasted but there is no denying that if you care about your health, you must have this oil.

  • madison co roots - Must read

    This is primarily a love story with an historical basis from a very interesting time in US history. It gives an in depth view of two very different cultures coexisting when the rest of the world is at odds. Great read.