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  • Travis - Worth every penny

    Havent had a chance to use it, but just the feel of it you know it will perform. The blade is made with a good steel, the grip has all the grip you could ever use, even with gloves on you wont lose your grip. Buy this while you can get this at such a good price.


    Firstly, I didn't buy this shampoo off of amazon. That being said please don't buy it from anywhere. I didn't buy it with the hopes that it would make my hair grow faster, I bought it because it was the only sulfate free shampoo I could find at my local grocery store and it smelled nice. I've used it twice now and both times clumps of my hair fell out in the shower. Seriously, don't buy this product!

  • Joyce Daccurso - Not quite what they say

    It didn't do all of the claims they made. My hair does seem fuller. I'm not growing new grotj as they implied.

  • John from Chicago - Good Support to Get This Working

    I purchase McAfee Internet protection products each year and I inadvertently switched McAfee products from 2012 to 2013. This created difficulty when attempting to load this on my PC. I called the McAfee support line and was promptly helped by a representative who explained why I was having difficulty and helped me to get it properly loaded on my PC. With their input, I was able to easily get it loaded on to a second PC.

  • geno - rescue agent worked for me

    I really only bought it to get rescue agent, to save scratched and rotting (when the data layer starts going bad) data cd's. It worked! so I loved it for that.

  • sid m. - BAD PRODUCT

    A total waste of money it sealed nothing. I put a small bottle & 2 large bottles in a 3 month period per the instructions and it slowed the leak but it still leaked and the steering rack had to be changed. over 40 dollars 3 months wasted. The guarantee is a bad joke and limited is to small bottles and almost impossible to get if you bought the product online. I told them to stuff their guarantee and will never use another Lucas product again.