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  • Ms.Smarte Blonde - Very disappointed with Avast!2014!!! Got another AV

    I had Avast!Free for a year or two - no problem whatsoever. Paid for Avast!2013 $29.99 no problem whatsoever.

  • Lynda Schumacher - Birthday Barbie

    I got the doll for my grandaughters sixth birthday, she loves it! (And she absolutely adores PINK!!)

  • Josh - SimCity Becomes Worst-Rated Product in Amazon History

    This SimCity debacle is now more embarrassing than the Manti Te'o saga that captivated us all; I, for one, can't take my eyes off the train wreck that is this launch. It's still unclear how historically bad this is. Is it Diablo III bad? Is it Spore (another EA disaster) bad? If Amazon reviews are any indication, SimCity in just its 4th day on the market has exceeded both previous disasters in 1-star reviews to become one of Amazon's lowest-rated products in history. Even the few 5-star reviews that exist are meant sarcastically to amuse and entertain.

  • Robin Clemons - Stimulation

    After cleansing & re-hydrating shampoo, you get to feel the tingly sensation working on your scalp. I saw a difference in my hair done I've been using it.

  • Beth - Great book, easy to follow

    Easy to follow, explains things in great detail. Much better than ordering a service online only, especially if you have to work a lot while studying and can't always access the videos for online services. Once you get into the actual lessons, they're broken up into small, manageable bits, making the whole thing seem a little less daunting. For anyone who is stressed or worried about the GRE, I recommend prepping yourself with this.